Review: The Interceptor (S1 E7/8), Wednesday 22nd July, BBC1


Programme Name: The Interceptor - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 7) - Picture Shows:  Kim (ANNA SKELLERN), Ash (OT FAGBENLE) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Robert Viglasky

Ash is out of hospital after a beating at the hands of Roach’s associate Yorkie, more determined than ever to get to the big man now that’s he’s spoken to him for the first time. But with his cover blown, he’s sidelined. After his minor faux pas of asking his kids to follow Docker, Ash no longer has the support of his family, any more than he has the support of his boss Cartwright, who’s paranoid about having his department closed down. He does have a lead, though; Docker, Roach’s lieutenant. But Docker’s lifestyle seems to be strangely clean, and his meetings with Roach are unobserved.

But there’s now a wild card in play, as Casby (Jack Roth, son of Tim) is kicking doors down trying to muscle in on Roach’s drugs territory. After getting a pointer to the dry cleaner’s where Roach launders his cash, pinching a trick from Grosse Point Blank, Casby blows up a dealer using a microwave. He might be OCD, but he leaves a right mess behind him.

When Casby turns up at the dry cleaner’s, Ash and Tommy leap into action and catch him doing a spot of ironing with a henchman’s head; Tommy follows Casby but, surprise surprise, goes all fainty and loses him.

When Casby tracks down Roach, it turns out that what he wants is a job; but Roach isn’t impressed by his CV, and does his best Hale & Pace impression in telling him to get lost.

Roach has a meeting with an American mouthpiece to finalise a deal on A Special Package from Mexico; he’s warned of the dire consequences of missing a payment, so perhaps this foreshadows his downfall.

But things then go all skewwhiff when dodgy top cop Stannard arranges raids on all UNIT’s suspects; it turns out that all their carefully cultivated intel has been passed on by Kim’s sleazy boyfriend Connor. Obviously no-one in UNIT has passwords on their laptops, and Kim gets a well-deserved roasting.

Roach relents, and calls in Casby to help rebuild his operation; Casby invents a rival gang, ‘recovers’ the drug money he had in fact stolen himself, and kills a patsy to prove his credentials. He then does everything he can to sow distrust between Xav, Docker and Roach.

Ash and Kim have a regrettable ‘moment’ before he turns to his informant Smoke for information on the membership of Roach’s golf club; Smoke invokes The Godfather, in what must be the biggest case yet of a cat daring to look at a king.

Ash gets on Casby’s trail by visiting his probation office, while Kim redeems herself by figuring out Docker’s method for eluding surveillance; turns out he uses a tanning salon van. It doesn’t take much to outfox UNIT.

When Casby, Docker and Roach meet up at Lingfield Races to collect The Special Package, it turns out to be not a drugs shipment but Rocah’s racehorse; never mind, Ash has finally identified his man, Elliott Roach. So he’s happy.

We’ll treasure the moment when Ash actually strokes his chin to indicate that’s he’s thinking, but apart from that, the slight nonsense of Kim taking home her laptop, and the sickly Tommy being allowed out on sensitive operations, this episode almost makes sense; surely a first for The Interceptor. Perhaps next week’s finale will plunge again into the madness we’re more used to. Join us in the padded cell.

Deborah Shrewsbury

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