Harlan Coben names cast for The Five


CLp0x_ZWoAE7BQROne of the series I’m looking forward to most in the upcoming autumn/winter is Sky’s The Five – international best seller Harlan Coben’s first foray into television. Coben, who knocks out novels like clockwork, is joining up with Shameless’s Danny Brocklehurst to produce this intriguing-sounding thriller. And now he’s confirmed the main players in the cast and there are some brilliant people involved. More details after the jump…

The Five is a roller-coaster thriller that follows a group of friends who are united by a terrible incident. Haunted by the disappearance of one of their younger brothers some years earlier, while he was in their care, the group is forced to revisit the past when the missing boy’s DNA turns up at the scene of a murder.

This is what Coben tweeted the other day:

From left to right there’s O-T Fagbenle (who we’ve seen in The Interceptor recently), the excellent Lee Ingleby (a crime drama veteran from George Gently), the superb Sarah Solemani (who’s stepping into a serious role after her terrific comedy roles) and Tom Cullen (from Donton Abbey).

It looks like a brilliant cast, but one thing has struck me… if this is called The Five where’s the fifth member of the group?


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