New Scandinavian crime dramas picked up for US remakes



We all know that anything that comes out of Scandinavia, especially crime drama, will not only be snapped up by British channels almost instantly but watched with extreme glee by plenty of Scandi fans. We’re always interested in new dramas from those northern European countries, so this story ticks some boxes. But it also showcases the global reputation of Scandinavian drama, because these two Danish dramas have been snapped up by US channels and productions companies for remakes… even though one of them hasn’t even aired yet.

The Cinema Scandinavia reports that…

The Nordisk Film and TV Fond posted today that DR Sales has sold US remake rights for two of its original drama series: Broke (Bankerot) and Follow the Money (Bedreget).

Broke will be produced by AMC and Clyde Phillips (best known for his work on Dexter) will adapt the series into the US for a 10×60 episode series, which comes as a surprise as the original Danish series that premiered last October was DR’s first bet on a half an hour long drama series. Rights for the Danish series have also been sold to French/German ARTE.

Follow the Money was bought by Endemol Shine Studios and the US series will be produced in collaboration with Anonymous Content, known for True Detective. The original show was directed by Per Fly and is yet to premiere in Denmark, with the premiere due for 2016.

Bankerot is a faced-paced gangster series, now into its second, while Bedraget, says IMDB…

‘Deceived’ is about economic crime. About what happens to people when greed and ambition corrupts. The series exposeses viewers into economic crimes complex world. In the banks, the stock exchange and in boardrooms.
It is the story of speculators, swindlers and corporate princes and the crimes they commit in the pursuit of wealth.

‘Deceived’, which had the working title ‘Follow the Money’, a drama series in 10 episodes with Jeppe Gjervig Gram as principal author.

Jeppe Gjervig Gram has previously coauthored all seasons of Borgen and launches its own team of authors Anders August and Jannik Tai Mosholt.

More news as we get it!



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