The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 10th – Sunday 16th August)



It’s a tale of three finales and the start of one major new series this week, as the likes of Jordskott, True Detective and Murder In The First come to their series finales, while David Duchovny’s 1960s-set, Charles Manson-infused drama Aquarius begins. In between there’s the usual excellence from Witnesses and a chance to see Britain’s biggest crime drama again.

1. Jordskott
A bit of a surprise this one, but Jordskott has become required viewing over the 10 weeks it has played out. A supernatural police procedural, it all comes to end this week. In the last episode we saw Wass hanging on for his life, while Eva making a return to Silverhöjd to face down Gerda and get her daughter, Josefine, back. And, of course, we’re yet to meet Muns…
Wednesday 12th August, 10pm, ITV Encore

2. True Detective
It may have divided pretty much everyone, but there’s no denying that True Detective is still a must-watch. Tonight we come to the end of series two, which means we must surely get to find out who killed Ben Caspere, whether Bezzerides and Velcoro can take down the corrupt cops and whether Frank Semyon can finish off his plan to eliminate his enemies and start a new life abroad with his wife.
Monday 10th August, 10pm, Sky Atlantic

3. Witnesses
The fourth episode of this excellent French procedural sees villain Kaz Gorbier up his campaign against Paul Maisonneuve, while Sandra Winckler’s investigation sees her snoop around Le Tréport.
Wednesday 12th August, 10pm, Channel 4

4. Aquarius *NEW SERIES*
David Duchovny starring as a grumpy policeman in mid-1960s Los Angeles? What’s not to like about that premise? Especially when you through into the mix Charles Manson and his ‘family’. It all starts when 16-year-old Emma Karn disappears from her home in Beverly Hills. Her mother calls Los Angeles homicide detective and old flame Sam Hodiak (Duchovny) in to investigate. Sam discovers the missing Emma may have met an elusive cult leader known as `Charlie’ while secretly attending a party, and enlists the aid of undercover specialist Brian Shafe and promising young cop Charmain Tully to infiltrate Charlie’s `Family’.
Tuesday 11th August, 10pm, Sky Atlantic


5. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation *NEW SERIES*
The 14th season of the crime drama picks up the action from where the previous season ended, with DB and the team searching for the serial killer who abducted Morgan and Ellie and gets his sadistic inspiration from Dante’s The Divine Comedy. The first clue to their whereabouts comes when journalist John Merchiston brings the detectives a flash drive he found outside his hotel room that contains a video of Morgan telling them they have six hours to choose whether she or Ellie will survive.
Sunday 16th August, 10pm, 5USA

6. Sherlock  *NEW REPEAT SERIES*
Here’s another chance to see series three, set two years on from reports of his Reichenbach Fall. Holmes resurfaces as London comes under threat of a huge terrorist attack. Watson, though, has mixed feelings – he’s delighted by the return of his best friend, but harbours worries that the consulting detective’s reappearance will have an adverse affect on his settled domestic life, in particular his romance with Mary Morstan.
Monday 10th August, 8.20pm, BBC1

7. New Tricks
The conclusion of a two-part story in which Gerry Standing (Dennis Waterman) fights to clear his name after being implicated in some shady gangland shenanigans. Danny takes Gerry on the run as they search for the proof they need to prove his innocence – despite Gerry remaining tight-lipped about his involvement with dodgy dealings in his old unit.
Tuesday 11 August, 9pm, BBC1

8. Ripper Street
When asked to take over the helm of H Division by Chief Inspector Abberline, Drake is far from keen to preside over his friend’s desk. The inexplicable death of a clairvoyant leads the team into a world of devious charlatans capitalising on the grief of a sorrowful community.
Friday 14th August, 9pm, BBC1

9. Murder In The First *SERIES FINALE*
Jamie deals with the repercussions from her tirade, while Hildy vows to take down the source of the threats made against her family.
Friday 14th August, 10pm, FOX

10. Cold Blood II
When a prison inmate is hanged in his cell with the murderer present, he immediately falls under suspicion. However, things are never as they appear with the wily criminal, and the police once again turn to his former cellmate Jake Osbourne (John Hannah) to gain an insight into Wicklow’s chilling mind.
Monday 10th August, 10pm ITV3




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