The Bridge III releases new image



This could be the shortest post in Killing Times history. Here’s a new image released by The Bridge’s facebook page. The third series has a little less than a month until its Swedish/Danish premiere. That is all.


3 thoughts on “The Bridge III releases new image

  1. wwendalynne

    Co-inky dink: Late late last night I watched the first episode of Season 2 on DVD. It’s been sitting in my enormous stash of catch up viewing and I entirely forgot I purchased an import that will not play on my blu-ray so ended up spending hours figuring out how to jerry rig my computer to play the bugger and then project from notebook to television. Finally..eureka! So worth going the two rounds with technology.

    Season three should be interesting without the Martin Rohde character as he is such a perfect dramatic foil for Saga; all outward emotion and intensity.

    Oy don’t tell me what happens to his character in season 2. I’m avoiding TKT posts on a number of shows like the plague (teehee).. great ending to the first episode, but the persistent coughing, the blood..yeah, I was all over it :p


    • Paul Hirons

      Ah fantastic, really pleased you managed to get into The Bridge. Do yuo see know why the UK loves that show? (and more to the point, the relationship between Saga and Martin)

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      • wwendalynne

        Absolutely! It’s freaking brilliant and along with The Killing, both have given me plenty of reason to become enamoured with Scandnoir television. Just babbling on a bit here thinking about the Saga and Martin relationship .. they are thrust into such intense interactions through their job, is it any wonder anything outside of that realm cannot offer up a comparable degree of intimacy or maybe even excitement. So I think there is always this tension between the two; the shared experience. On the other hand, Saga thinks Martin is a cheater in her simple black and white way of thinking so I cannot see her character crossing that boundary. A really fun dynamic between the two for certain :)


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