The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 17th – Sunday 23rd August)


Here we go then – another week of top-hole crime drama to keep the wolf from the door. This week we’re into the penultimate episode of the superb Witnesses, while Hannibal and Aquarius continue apace. There’s also the chance to see some relatively old favourites like The Lost Honour Of Christopher Jeffries (well worth another watch), Endeavour and, of course, Sherlock. Take your pick!

  1. Witnesses
    If there’s a better crime drama on the box at the moment, I’d like to see it. Witnesses is hurtling by, but it provides everything you need from a police procedural. This week, in the penultimate episode, Sandra finds out who has been been helping Kaz Gorbier, while the race is on to find Gorbier and his hostages… and that includes Maisonneuve.
    Wednesday 19th August, 10pm, Channel 4

2. Hannibal
The creepiest show on television bar none is almost at the end of its third series. Will is sure the Tooth Fairy will strike soon as the full moon approaches but he struggles to predict which family is next on his hit list. Elsewhere, Alana gives Lecter a shot at redemption.
Wednesday 19th August, 10pm, Sky Living

3. The Lost Honour Of Christopher Jefferies
If you didn’t see this superb two-parter last Christmas, here’s another chance to luxuriate in Jason Watkins’ superb performance. It’s December 2010 and retired teacher Christopher Jefferies finds his life in Bristol turned upside down when the police question him about the disappearance of his tenant Joanna Yeates. Her murder then becomes a major news story and the press seize upon Jefferies as a suspect, despite a lack of evidence – with destructive results.
Saturday 22nd August, 9pm, ITV

4. Ripper Street
Detective Inspector Drake must try to find his old friend Edmund Reid, who has disappeared following the death of Horace Buckley. Meanwhile, H Division unites to track down the lost girl who escaped Buckley’s cellar prison and is now wandering the dangerous streets of the East End alone.
Friday 21st August, BBC1

5. Sherlock
I remember when this episode first aired that it really polarised viewers. Load of rubbish, lots of people mumbled. Not in keeping with Sherlock, others remarked. Me? I really enjoyed this episode, thought it was clever and entertaining. John and Mary’s wedding day arrives, presenting Sherlock with one of the toughest challenges he has ever faced as he sets about delivering a best man’s speech. But soon he is on more familiar ground as mortal danger stalks the reception, leaving the brooding detective to solve the case and stop a killer before the happy couple make it to their first dance.
Monday 17th August, 8pm, BBC1

6. New Tricks
Danny and Steve welcome new boss Ted Case (well we say welcome…) into the UCOS office in Sasha’s absence, but for all his experience, keen eye for detail and a killer instinct for detecting liars, they aren’t as sold on his superstitious quirks. While trying to work one another out, the team treads carefully in the case of a murdered vicar who received racist hate mail in the lead up to his death.
Tuesday 18th August, 9pm, BBC1

7. Aquarius
Sam steps in to help clear the name of Brian’s chief informant, Mike Vickery, who has been accused of murder. In exchange, Shafe agrees to take rookie cop Charmain undercover to find Emma, and while the pair just about manage to maintain their ruse, their success comes at a great personal cost to the young officer. Meanwhile, Charlie takes his girls to record a demo.
Tuesday 18th August, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

8. Castle
In the first of a two-part story, Beckett, Castle and the team investigate when a woman is murdered and the evidence points to the return of serial killer Jerry Tyson, aka The Triple Killer. However, when confronted their suspect claims a different identity and cites plastic surgeon Kelly Nieman has changed his features to make him look like 3XK.
Wednesday 19th August, 9pm, Alibi

9. Endeavour
Another chance to series two of the Morse prequel, whose opening episode features a baffling suicide, an anguished father searching for his missing daughter and the smash-and-grab robbery of medieval artefacts. All of which throw the detective in at the deep end as he resumes his role with Oxford City Police following a four-month absence from duty. As the locals go to the polls in a closely fought by-election and a beauty contest builds to its conclusion, Endeavour must navigate the choppy waters of both worlds as his investigation shakes the highest pillars of Oxford society.
Thursday 20th August, 8pm, ITV3

10. Agatha Christie’s Partners In Crime
The penultimate episode of this Agatha Christie adaptation sees Tommy and Tuppence feel certain they have identified the spy staying at the Sans Souci – only for their suspect to turn up dead. They realise he was also looking for the secret agent, who may have resorted to murder to keep his identity secret. The couple each have very different ideas about who the killer is, with Tommy pursuing a shifty beatnik, while Tuppence goes after a mysterious woman travelling alone. Confused by the case, Tommy lets his guard down and unwittingly walks into a trap.
Sunday 23rd August, 9pm, BBC1


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