The Bridge releases new trailer; Hans Rosenfeldt for Facebook AMA



Du Tog Fejl, Saga. You were wrong, Saga. What could this portentous phrase refer to, we wonder? No matter, we’re going to find out soon enough because the third series of The Bridge – or Broen III if you want to keep it real (and Danish) – is back on the 27th September. That’s good news for everyone in Scandinavia, but we still have no word yet as to when it’ll air on BBC4 in the UK. Still, it’s all go for all things Bridge and the return of our favourite socially-challenged, 1977 Porsche-driving detective (thanks Dan!), Saga Norén . What does that mean? It means a new trailer and some Hans Rosenfeld news. UPDATE: Our friends over at Scanoir alerted us to a NEW NEW trailer, this time over a minute long and with much more stuff in. You can see that after the jump, too.

Let’s face it, the new trailer (all 23 seconds of it), doesn’t give away much, but it’s that line – you were wrong, Saga – that piques the interest. Could it be referring to the case she’s about to get embroiled in? Could it be about Martin? PLEASE LET IT BE ABOUT MARTIN.

Anyway, have a look at the teaser://

And here’s the NEW NEW trailer, posted on the Nöje site. Dolls, painted faces… Saga HUGGING people?? But it’s good to see Dag Malmberg back as Hans Petterson (although he look like he’s in a spot of bother), and Puk Scharbau, as Martin’s wife Mette. But still no Martin…

In other news, showrunner and creator Hans Rosenfeldt is doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) this coming Sunday 23rd of August at 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT) on Facebook. I applaud his courage, because I fear that most people will be asking bout the future of Martin Rohde.

If you want to take part in Hans Rosenfeldt AMA, go to The Bridge’s Facebook page here.

For all our Bridge news and reviews, go here


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