Season 2 Of Happy Valley Adds Cast, Releases First Plot Lines


HappyValley-560x315For many, last year’s stand-out crime drama was Happy Valley – Sally Wainwright’s northern noir, featuring an award-winning performance by Sarah Lancashire in the lead role as Catherine Cawood. It was taught, grim and edge-of-your seat stuff as Cawood and her nemesis, the rapist/murderer Tommy Lee Royce (James Morton), slugged it out until a bitter, violent conclusion. We’ve known for a long time that a second series was in the offing and now we not only have some solid news to back that up, we’ve been told that cameras begin to roll next week.

Let’s have a read of the first plot line from the second series:

As series two opens, we join Catherine (Sarah Lancashire), the no-nonsense police sergeant who is back heading up her team of dedicated police officers in The Calder Valley in West Yorkshire. With Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) firmly behind bars, Catherine suspects there may be another serial killer on the loose and makes a gruesome discovery that will have shocking repercussions for her and her family. Meanwhile, a new detective, DS John Wadsworth (Kevin Doyle) arrives on the block with his own set of problems, and despite being firmly under lock and key, Tommy forms a bond with a mysterious female admirer (Shirley Henderson).

Takeaways? Tommy is back and forms a ‘bond’ with ‘a mysterious female admirer’. This sounds like a touch of the Hannibals (evil person behind bars, forming bonds with people from the outside). I may be totally wrong, of course (I often am). The woe – the very personal woe – for Catherine continues with more family-based ‘repercussions’. This lady needs a break.

Aside from the plot lines, there are some cast announcements, too. Here’s the principal cast for series two:

Sarah Lancashire
Siobhan Finneran
James Norton
George Costigan
Karl Davies
Charlie Murphy
Katherine Kelly
Julie Hesmondhalgh
Shirley Henderson
Amelia Bullmore
Kevin Doyle
Matthew Lewis
Con O’Neill
Vincent Franklin

So we have some Corrie alumni – Katherine Kelly and Julie Hesmondhalgh (both excellent actresses), the always good Shirley Henderson and Amelia Bullmore.

Series two will broadcast in 2016. We’re betting early.

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