Trailer: Backstrom, FOX



One thing I stupidly forgot to mention in my round-up of the best crime drama on TV this week was the US series Backstrom. Based on the books by Leif G.W. Persson and adapted for television by the man behind Bones, Hart Hanson, it introduces us to Detective Lieutenant Everett Backstrom (Rainn Wilson): a man with no filter. After a five-year banishment to the traffic division for offensive behaviour, he has returned from disgrace to lead Portland’s newly minted S.C.U. Tasked with navigating the city’s most sensitive and serious cases, he must solve each crime as he tries, and fails, to change his own self-destructive behaviour. You can see a trailer after the jump but a warning: it was canned by Fox in the US after this first series, so get it while it’s hot.



Backstrom: Wednesday 2nd September, 9pm, FOX


5 thoughts on “Trailer: Backstrom, FOX

  1. wwendalynne

    I’ve loved Rainn Wilson since I was first introduced to him in HBO’s Six Feet Under. He was a blast of pure wonderful wacky control freak madness in the US version of The Office as well. I definitely need to catch this series. Dude’s brand of diabolical humour truly resonates with me.

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      • wwendalynne

        No Paul, I hadn’t even heard of the series until I caught this post. I’m a former science & technology geek now “retired” to dairy goat farming. How’s that for an about face career change? In any event, I do not get out much and watching television is a sporadic luxury at best. I love the genre and try to keep up-to-date mainly through your blog. I did watch a couple of you-tube promos following my read of this release and it worried me that it seemed too orchestrated with too much American one-liner peppered dialogue being bandied about (something I see with a lot of series these day.. the impact of which is lost when you keep rapid machine gun firing them out there ..know what I mean?). Do note: I’m a critical person by nature, overly at times and feel I have to give the series a shot, but my first impression was not entirely favourable.


      • Paul Hirons

        I don’t think you’re alone on that one (it got cancelled after one season). Thanks for your continued support though, means a lot. (sounds like you have an awesome life on the farm there!)

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  2. Wow, it’s based off books by Leif G.W. Persson? I had no idea! :) As for the trailer, it made it seem very stereotypical, i.e., you know, “Rules? I don’t follow the rules!” but the first episode was a pretty good watch.

    LOVED Wilson’s character in “Six Feet Under”.

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