Review: Ripper Street (S3 E6/8), Friday 4th September, BBC1

Programme Name: Ripper Street - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 6) - Picture Shows:  Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake (JEROME FLYNN), Lady Vera Montacute (LAURA HADDOCK), Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (MATTHEW MACFADYEN), Homer Jackson (ADAM ROTHENBERG) - (C) Tiger Aspect 2014 - Photographer: Bernard Walsh
 (C) Tiger Aspect 2014 РPhotographer: Bernard Walsh

So, the apparently superhuman Inspector Reid is out of his coma, indeed back in action; but what could have dragged him into Leman Street nick in the middle of a rain-swept night?¬†Radio Times critic Alison Graham accuses Ripper Street of being gratuitously unpleasant, and when it opens with a shot of Constable Atherton’s gout-afflicted foot, you have to agree. The real shocker though is Lady Montacute (Laura Haddock doing a quite dreadful Downton Abbey-style posh accent, and made up like one of the Spice Girls ). Covered in blood and being escorted into the cells, she’s accused of the murder of a flower-girl in a brothel.

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