The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 7th – Sunday 13th September

Programme Name: Beck - TX: n/a - Episode: Buried Alive (No. Buried Alive) - Picture Shows: (L-R) Martin Beck (PETER HABER), Gunvald Larsson (MIKAEL PERSBRANDT) - (C) Nordisk Film Production AB & Filmlance International AB - Photographer: Bengt Wanselius

(C) Nordisk Film Production AB & Filmlance International AB – Photographer: Bengt Wanselius

You know it’s the autumn when BBC4’s Scandinavian drama season starts. And so it is this week. The nights have drawn in, Saturday night talent shows are in full swing and, for us crime drama fans, the longer nights mean that our favourite foreign-language dramas are back. Aside from BBC4’s Swedish drama, Beck, there’s also lots more stuff to enjoy, too. Dig in!

    Yes, it’s autumn, so it obviously means a new slate of Scandinavian drama to sink our teeth into. The first of five episodes, this series – based on the groundbreaking novels by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahlöö – Inspector Martin Beck (Peter Haber) investigates a potential serial killer after the body of a District Attorney is found in a playground and another is found under similar circumstances. Settle in…
    Saturday 12th September, 9pm, BBC4

2. An Inspector Calls *UK PREMIERE*
This new version of JB Priestley’s stage play is a delight. In 1912, a detective (David Thewlis) arrives in a town where a young woman has committed suicide. Interrupting a wealthy family in the midst of a lavish party, he unravels the events that led to the woman’s death – an investigation with devastating repercussions as secrets are exposed and each member of the family realises they have all unwittingly played a part. Also starring Miranda Richardson and Ken Stott – two more good reasons to watch.
Sunday 13th September, 8.30pm, BBC1

600x338secrets_and_lies3. Secrets And Lies *UK PREMIERE SERIES*
Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillppe) finds the body of his neighbour’s son while out on jogging, only to become a murder suspect himself thanks to an incriminating DNA sample. However, as local detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis) digs for the truth, the secrets and lies of the town come to the surface and it seems no one is above suspicion. It’s a bit tense this one.
Wednesday 9th September, 9pm, Watch

This excellent-looking series started with real promise last week. This week, Ted Jr takes Daniel to lunch and comes clean about the state of the family business, while Daniel opens up to him about his experiences in prison.
Tuesday 8th September, 9pm, AMC UK

5. Ripper Street
The penultimate episode of series three is an emotional tale of women’s rights. The murder of a chemist leads the team into the shadowy underworld of illegal backstreet abortionists. Frayn believes there is more she and Long Susan could do to help these women, but Susan has problems of her own as a business venture seems on the brink of ruin – and she may well be pregnant herself with Jackson’s child. Meanwhile, Reid remains in Whitechapel happy to indulge Mathilda’s desire to stay, but has an instinctive sense that he has unfinished business to attend to.
Friday 11th September, 9pm, BBC1

6. The Trials Of Jimmy Rose *SERIES FINALE*
Jimmy returns to work for Tony in the hope of saving Ellie from addiction – but refuses to use guns or deal drugs. Tony offers him the chance to clear all his debts by carrying out one last job. Jackie tries to persuade Jimmy to do the right thing, and the ex-convict tries to put his affairs in order before joining Tony in his criminal scheme – which does not turn out as he expected.
Sunday 13th September, 9pm, ITV

7. Scott & Bailey
We go right back to the start with this always-watchable police drama. DC Janet Scott (Lesley Sharp) and DC Rachel Bailey (Suranne Jones) investigate the case of a pregnant woman who was killed in her bedroom. Meanwhile, Rachel’s love life takes a turn for the worse and Janet gets a call that reawakens a past tragedy.
Monday 7th September, 9pm, ITV3

8. Whitechapel
This potty procedural is always worth another watch, and this – the start of series two – is no different. Chandler and the team investigate another set of apparent copycat killings, with Buchan claiming the murders mirror those committed by notorious London gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray in the 1960s. The case stirs up uneasy feelings for Miles, who refuses to believe Buchan’s theory.
Friday 11th September, 11pm, ITV Encore

9. Backstrom
More snarkiness from Rainn Wilson. The team must solve the case of a youth pastor found murdered at a church. Meanwhile, Backstrom’s ex-fiance is recruited to head up the Civilian Oversight Committee.
Wednesday 9th September, 9pm, FOX

10. Inspector George Gently
It’s 1969 and six months since the shootings in Durham Cathedral, and while Gently is almost back to full fitness, Bacchus has lost his confidence and tenders his resignation. Gently is determined to help his sergeant, so he gets him involved in one last case, the death in custody of a man arrested during a street protest – an investigation that leaves both detectives questioning what it means to be a police officer at a time when attitudes to the force are changing.
Saturday 12th September, 9pm, Alibi




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