ITV recommissions Safe House for a second season


I was a bit lukewarm towards Safe House – the four-part ITV thriller from earlier this year. There was no denying it had all the ingredients (a good writer in Michael Crompton, a fine cast including Christopher Eccleston, Marsha Thomason and Paterson Joseph, and an atmospheric backdrop in the Lake District), and there was even an interesting thriller set-up that could be reused for multiple series – a remote guest house in the Lake District, more or less surrounded by water, and run by an ex-copper with skeletons in his closet, welcoming a new family-in-hiding in each series. What could go wrong? For whatever reason, things just didn’t click. I was taken to task by Michael Crompton (a writer I admire) over my reviews, but I was hardly the only one who was ambivalent towards the series. Anyway, whatever I and other’s thought, it rated well and ITV is giving it another run with all the main stars returning.

This, from ITV this morning:

The second series will be written by Ed Whitmore (Arthur & George, Silent Witness, Waking the Dead) and Tracey Malone (Silent Witness), with Marc Evans (Hinterland, Collision) returning to direct.

The second series will deliver a brand new four-part story involving the married couple played by Christopher Eccleston and Marsha Thomason who own a guest house in a remote Lake District location, which provides the perfect cover for a police safe house. Unbeknownst to the local community former police officer Robert (Eccleston) and his wife Katy (Thomason) continue to offer sanctuary to those in need of protection, when lives are at risk and the stakes high.

“We had a tremendous reaction from the audience to Safe House,” said Steve November.  “From the gripping story and compelling performances, we were delighted with every aspect of the production. With Ed Whitmore and Tracey Malone writing the scripts and Jill and Paula producing we know the new series will be in safe hands,” he added.

It begins filming in February next year, so expect it in the summer.


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