Season two of Hinterland starts on Sunday – will you be watching?


The second series of the Welsh crime drama Hinterland (or Y Gwyll to give it its proper name), starring Richard Harrington as DCI Tom Mathias, will be premiered on Welsh channel S4C this Sunday (Sunday 13th September). It’s one of the best British crime dramas out there. There isn’t anything new or revolutionary about it, but it’s a first-rate, atmospheric procedural that’s well played by its main cast. With the west coast of Wales, and the town of Aberystwyth, as its base there’s everything you want from a modern procedural (moody, tortured lead detective, excellent partner, grisly cases, incredible scenery…). And now it’s back.

As ever, it’ll be shown first in its native tongue on S4C, with a broadcast on BBC4 later in the winter but for viewers outside of Wales it can also be watched. This new second series will comprise eight episodes, with one story spun out across two episodes (so essentially four stories). And yes, there will be subtitles.

A feature length Y Gwyll special broadcast on New Year’s Day on S4C and set the scene for the series, with DCI Mathias still very much in emotional turmoil as past demons still plague him. With his wife Meg, played by the BAFTA winning Romanian actress Anamaria Marinca, appearing out of the blue, I’m guessing his life is anything but smooth in this new run.

Here’s a trailer…

Y Gwyll: Sunday 13th September, 9pm, S4C (and S4C Clic)

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  1. wwendalynne says:

    Probably will not see this for a bit across the pond, but I’m there with bells on when it does. Perfect summation of the overall feel of the series and spot on observation there is nothing new here, but Richard Harrington is a treasure and plays tortured so deliciously well!!! I will have to avoid the temptation to follow the posts…


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      This snuck up on me too, so I was excited to find that it starts in Wales on Sunday. I think it’s a Netflix job for a global audience outside the UK, if that’s any use

      Liked by 1 person

      1. wwendalynne says:

        Yes, and I appreciate the heads up. I had a complete brain fart today and drew a blank trying to remember where I caught Hinterland season 1. It’s been that long or at least it feels that way. I traveled quite extensively through the UK in my 30’s on a series of junkets (covered a lot of historical tours through the motherland, of course, then Scotland (bagged a few Munros there) and also did the requisite riding vacay in Ireland), but never made it to Wales. Shame! I like moody landscapes.


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