The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 14th – Sunday 20th September)


It’s all happening. Really. There feels like there’s good stuff on the box every time you switch on. Suddenly things are busy in the crime drama corner, especially at weekends, where Beck – the latest Scandi import – and series two Hinterland/Y Gwyll is bubbling away on Saturday and Sunday nights. But this week, we say goodbye to series three of Ripper Street – sometimes uneven, but in this run it has really hit its stride. 

  1. Ripper Street *SERIES FINALE*
    This third series has been terrific, certainly the best yet, and we reach the finale with a few things up in the air – what is Reid’s fate? Will justice finally be served to Susan? An American journalist is killed in Whitechapel and his exclusive story threatens seismic consequences for numerous Whitechapel residents. With her business empire slipping through her fingers, Long Susan has to contend with some shocking news – and a face from her past who returns to exert their control. As the men of H Division inch ever nearer to the truth about the train robbery, the revelations expose some disturbing home truths, and life-altering decisions have to be made.
    Friday 18th September, 9pm, BBC1
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    2. Hinterland/Y Gwyll *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
    It’s great to have this most Scandinavian of Welsh crime dramas back. This week, Mathias and co have an unexpected suspect to question but Mathias knows that this person is an unlikely killer. In his current state Mathias is fascinated by the life choices taken by the ex-soldier John Bell. He also knows that he cannot avoid talking to Meg.
    Sunday 20th September, 9pm, S4C
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If slow-bubbling crime drama is your thing, then we can’t recommend Rectify enough. This week, Daniel relives his teenage years, first through his clothes and his choice of music, and then by joining Jared at a skateboard park.
Tuesday 15th September, 9pm, AMC UK
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It was a solid introduction to the latest Swedish detective to hit our screens last week (see our review of the first episode here). This week, the body of a young woman is found in a Stockholm hotel room, and it appears that she has been strangled after a night partying with two young men. However, the room was paid for using the credit card of a mugging victim whose alibi does not add up, and Martin and Gunvald investigate under the supervision of their new boss Klas Freden.
Saturday 19th September, 9pm, BBC4

5. Secrets And Lies *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Detective Cornell continues to harass Ben, attempting to coerce him into a confession. Armed with the new-found knowledge that he was Tom’s father, Ben visits his son’s memorial in the woods, where Jess – who also just discovered Tom’s true paternity – tells him she suspects her estranged husband of the murder.
Wednesday 16th September, 9pm, Watch

UCOS investigate the murder of a private investigator, who is stabbed through the heart in a suspected robbery gone wrong. The answers may well lie with the victim’s last three cases, but it’ll take the whole team’s expertise to crack the codes within his mysterious notebook. The movements of a rare collectable stamp ‘Russian Cousin’ could hold the key to the whole investigation – if only UCOS could track it down.
Tuesday 15th September, 9pm, BBC1

7. Lewis
Another chance to see seris eight. The last run of the detective drama ended with Lewis (Kevin Whately) starting a new life away from the force, but it seems that peace and quiet doesn’t suit him – which is just as well, as newly promoted DI Hathaway (Laurence Fox) is struggling to find a sidekick, and within just four weeks is already on to his second sergeant, DS Lizzie Maddox (Angela Griffin). So, Chief Superintendent Innocent (Rebecca Front) decides to reunite the former partners to look into the murder of a neurosurgeon, a case with potential links to the worlds of animal rights and blood sports.
Saturday 19th September, 8pm, ITV3

Hodiak investigates the violent murder of a Hollywood actor, and his inquiries uncover a web of intrigue when he discovers studio executives were trying to conceal a secret about the star’s personal life. Meanwhile, Emma and Sadie set off on a trip to meet Mother Mary, the woman recognised as Manson’s first follower.
Wednesday 16th September, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Detective Ryan ends up in the middle of an assassination plot when he is on the security detail of a charismatic congressman.
Wednesday 16th September, 9pm, Alibi

10. Rizzoli & Isles *UK PREMIRE EPISODE*
he murder of a notorious thief sends Jane and Maura into the world of art heists and forgery, and Jane must deal with an FBI agent who is interested in her case.
Thursday 17th September, 9pm, Alibi



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