Review: Hinterland/Y Gwyll (S2 E2/8), Sunday 20th September, S4C

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It’s genuinely great to have this series back again. After a promising first run, it really feels like the characters are hitting their strides and the stories – stories of people struggling to make ends meet in the ultra-rural Ceredigion region in Wales – are being told with increasing assuredness. Last week we immersed ourselves in an emotional tale of a school bus driver selling drugs to sixth formers and university students, with the help of an ex-con who had previous when it came to drugs. One of the imbibers slipped into a coma and now suffers from permanent brain damage. We left Mathias and Rhys about to take in the lad’s father, who, its was implied, was the person who meted out revenge on the bus driver. Except it didn’t quite turn out like that. Continue reading Review: Hinterland/Y Gwyll (S2 E2/8), Sunday 20th September, S4C

Fargo releases new trailers for season two


It isn’t long now until series two of one of our favourite crime dramas starts back up again in the US (on FX). There’s still no word when it will start in the UK on Channel 4, but the hope is that it won’t be too long after. Part of the whetting-of-appetite activity that its home network has been rolling out is the excellent little vignettes that we’ve come to love. They’re not trailers as such, but tiny snippets used for TV spots that expertly mix the macabre and the ridiculous the show has become known for. Not only that but FX has released a full two-and-a-half-minute trailer via Twitter, which was previously only available to view to those in the US. Have a look after the jump. Continue reading Fargo releases new trailers for season two