Fargo releases new trailers for season two



It isn’t long now until series two of one of our favourite crime dramas starts back up again in the US (on FX). There’s still no word when it will start in the UK on Channel 4, but the hope is that it won’t be too long after. Part of the whetting-of-appetite activity that its home network has been rolling out is the excellent little vignettes that we’ve come to love. They’re not trailers as such, but tiny snippets used for TV spots that expertly mix the macabre and the ridiculous the show has become known for. Not only that but FX has released a full two-and-a-half-minute trailer via Twitter, which was previously only available to view to those in the US. Have a look after the jump.

And here’s the full trailer, which suggests we’re in for another ild ride in the snowy wastelands of the American north. Regular people caught up in a crime, greasy villains (who much does Kieran Culkin remind you of Steve Buschemi from the original film?) and an expansive visual style that looks like Scorses or Paul Thomas Anderson? Yep, it’s all here.

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