The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 28th September – Sunday 4th October)

Programme Name: From Darkness - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Picture Shows: Claire Church (ANNE-MARIE DUFF) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Sarah Dunn

(C) BBC – Photographer: Sarah Dunn

It’s another hugely busy week in the crime drama genre, with lots of stuff starting AND a special feature-length film that allows us to bid farewell to one of the biggest franchises in crime drama history. Yes, it’s time to say goodbye to CSI and its ridiculous set pieces, its ridiculous special effects and always-solid, entertaining stories. Fare thee well CSI!

  1. From Darkness *UK PREMIERE SERIES*
    Here’s one to watch – a new four-parter starring Anne-Marie Duff. Former Greater Manchester Police officer Claire Church’s peaceful existence in the Western Isles is shattered when four bodies linked to her previous investigations are unearthed. The subsequent inquiry forces her to revisit her troubled past in law enforcement, and drags her back into a world she thought she had left behind for good.
    Sunday 4th October, 9pm, BBC1

2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation *UK PREMIERE FEATURE-LENGTH FILM*
In a feature-length final instalment of the crime drama, the team comes back together to help solve a catastrophic case that paralyses all of Las Vegas when bombs hit the casinos Catherine inherited from her father. Some old favourites return to say farewell, including William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger and Ted Danson.
Tuesday 29th September, 10pm, Channel 5

3. Midwinter Of The Spirit *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Merrily is on a quest for answers after a murder, a desecrated church and a clergyman’s apparent `suicide’. She suspects a Satanic group may be at work, and is guided through a ceremony of lesser exorcism by Huw Owen, but nothing can prepare her for what she is about to uncover.
Wednesday 30th September, 9pm, ITV

4. Hinterland/Y Gwyll *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Sadly we had no programme information when we went to press on this, but suffice to say it’ll be another intense trawl through the nether regions of the Ceredigion area of Wales.
Sunday 28th September, 9pm, S4C

The bodies of two men are found buried in the woods and – despite persistent attempts – they cannot be identified. When another man is murdered Beck and his team discover new evidence that they believe links the killings to an Islamist terrorist cell.
Saturday 3rd October, 9pm, BBC4

Daniel bumps into a man who asks him to help with a strange errand – and the day after, when Ted Jr returns from his conference, he discovers his stepbrother has found God.
Tuesday 29th September, 9pm, AMC UK

It’s the penultimate episode of this long running drama, and features the retired detectives investigating possibly their most difficult cold case yet. A blood-stained bust is uncovered during construction work in a cemetery and the evidence points to the murder of an alternative-medicine practitioner seven years earlier. Further clues lead to the controversial world of cryopreservation – the practice of keeping clinically dead patients frozen to extend their life cycle. Sasha is determined they don’t put a foot wrong – but with the sobering possibility that two perpetrators are still at large, the detectives are forced to go out on a limb.
Tuesday 29th September, 9pm, BBC1

8. Scott & Bailey
Lesley Sharp and Suranne Jones resume their partnership as the northern-based crime drama returns. In the first of a two-part story, the badly burned body of a disabled man turns up in a remote part of Manchester and a few days later another corpse is discovered. The detectives start to realise the victims were not just murdered, but tortured too. They make an arrest, but it becomes clear their investigation has just scratched the surface. Meanwhile, Janet throws her husband out and Rachel’s estranged brother turns up on her doorstep.
Monday 28th September, 9pm, ITV3

9. Lie To Me
Dr Cal Lightman and his team the Lightman Group are experts in human behaviour and being able to spot when people are lying. They hire themselves out to law-enforcement agencies – but their gift proves a mixed blessing in their personal lives. In their first assignment, the team examines the murder of a teacher, and investigates the case of a politician who has become embroiled in a sex scandal.
Tuesday 29th September, 8pm, Alibi

10. Vera
Return of the crime drama, starring Brenda Blethyn. Young physiotherapist Lizzie Faulkner is shot dead while enjoying a holiday at a luxury country retreat. The resulting murder investigation unearths betrayal, guilt and the desire for atonement – as Vera moves quickly to avoid another tragedy, and Joe tries to make amends with the demons of his past.
Friday 2nd October, 9pm, ITV Encore


5 thoughts on “The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 28th September – Sunday 4th October)

  1. Angela Want

    Thanks for all the info Paul. Just got back from weeks in Spain so a bit behind with my crime fix. Bit confused is Becks on Friday or Saturday .Angela


  2. It’s such a great time to be a telly fan and drama addict. Very much excited about The Leftovers (partly filmed in my old home town of Austin), Unforgotten, River, The Knick (is that not on UK telly yet?), From Darkness… I am probably leaving one out but I have my google calendar up-to-date!


    • Paul Hirons

      You’re not wrong Derek! Yes, we’ve had The Knick (season two coming in the new year I think). It’s going to be a busy old autumn/winter


      • A lot of excitement here about The Knick returning to Cinemax 16 October. It was great that so many people seemed to find out about it and get hooked on it recently. I only watched season 1 early this year after it was named in many ‘best of 2013’ lists.
        The great thing about the internet is that telly nuts can ignore borders and enjoy it all, from US to UK and France and Sweden and Denmark…


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