The BBC “not doing another series of Partners In Crime”

Programme Name: Partners In Crime - TX: 26/07/2015 - Episode: 1 (No. 1) - Picture Shows: Episode One: ‘The Secret Adversary’ Tuppence Beresford (JESSICA RAINE), Tommy Beresford (DAVID WALLIAMS) - (C) Endor Productions 2015 - Photographer: Laurence Cendrowicz

(C) Endor Productions 2015 – Photographer: Laurence Cendrowicz

There was mud excitement when it was announced that Agatha Christie’s Partners In Crime would be getting the BBC treatment, the first fruits from the corporation’s deal with the Christie estate. David Walliams and Jessica Raine added to this excitement when they signed on to star as the husband-and-wife crime-busting team. We kept a close eye on the series, but even though it looked fantastic and Walliams and Raine certainly looked the part, Our Debs found it to be pretty thin and, actually, not well cast. Now we receive news that the show will not be coming back for a second series.

We weren’t too surprised when we read the report on the Radio Times website yesterday that unconfirmed reports suggest that the series will not be coming back.

The reasons are understood to be complicated and varied with Walliams’ busy schedule thought to be one reason.

But there is also believed to be a feeling in some quarters at the BBC that it didn’t quite connect with audiences – 2 million of whom deserted the drama by the end of the six-part series after an overnight rating of 6.5m for the opening episode.

It’s a shame, but we see this as a bit of a blow for a series that was supposed to cement the BBC and the Christie’s estate in their ongoing creative relationship. Those who decided to relocate the series from the 1920s to the Cold War 1950s took a gamble (this seemed to anger hardcore Christieites) and the casting of Walliams, in particular, drew criticism. When it was first mooted, some news outlets (rather lazily, we have to say) reckoned that this could be the next Poirot.

It obviously wasn’t. All eyes are now on the next BBC/Christie adaptation, And Then There Were None.

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One thought on “The BBC “not doing another series of Partners In Crime”

  1. The next Christie adaptation should be what she actually wrote and not what some hack writer tailgaiting Dame Agatha wrote. I’m sick of rewrites and changes to her stories. Do them or don’t but don’t put on drek like Partners in Crime, or the awful Marple, and tell me it’s Agatha Christie.


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