The 10 Best crimes Dramas This Week (Monday 5th – Sunday 11th October)

MAINSTREET PICTURES FOR ITV UNFORGOTTEN EPISODE 1 Pictured :  NICOLA WALKER as DCI Cassie Stuart and SANJEEV BHASKAR as DS Sunil Khan. Photographer: JOHN ROGERS This image is the copyright of ITV and must be credited. The images are for one use only and to be used in relation to UNFORGOTTEN, any further usage could incur a fee.


I’ve said it before, but if you’re a crime drama fan you can really fill your boots at the moment. Take ITV, for instance. Its main channel has three crime dramas – two of them new series (one returning) – on consecutive nights this week. Add to that continuing series on the other channels, and it’s a bit of a crime drama overload. We’ll be in the thick of it, as usual, but it would be quite nice to have a life outside of TV!

  1. Unforgotten *UK PREMIERE SERIES*
    This is a bit of a biggie, and has the potential to be a real edge-of-your-seat whodunit. It stars Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar as detectives investigating a cold-case killing from almost 40 years earlier. The discovery of a skeleton in the cellar of a demolished building launches a murder hunt, headed up by DCI Cassie Stuart and DS Sunny Khan. However, all they have to go on is a car key found near the body, which leads them on a search to find out who he is, as well as how, when and why he died. And check out the rest of the cast: Tom Courtenay, Trevor Eve, Bernard Hill and Hannah Gordon, among others.
    Thursday 8th October, 9pm, ITV

2. Midwinter Of The Spirit *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
It’s the finale of this watchable (if daft) horror-tinged crime drama. Exhausted by her own demons, battling anyone else’s is the last thing Merrily wants to do. However, she must gather her wits and take strength from her mentor Huw Owen as she puts the final pieces of the jigsaw into place. As the investigation reaches its conclusion, Merrily realises she needs to steel herself and summon the energy to fight evil in order to save her daughter’s soul.
Wednesday 7th October, 9pm, ITV

And so the Morse bandwagon keeps rolling. We’re back for series nine of this hardy perrenial, and Lewis and Hathaway are faced with a difficult case when he investigates the discovery of a body in a well, and he also has to contend with a new boss, Chief Superintendent Moody, who is dubious as to Lewis’ motivation for coming out of retirement. As investigations into the human remains in the well proceed, an avant-garde artist’s body is also discovered and at first glance it looks like a tragic drugs overdose, but Hathaway and Lewis quickly recognise the tell tale signs of murder.
Tuesday 6th October, 9pm, ITV

I’ve really enjoyed this Swedish series, although series is stretching it – it has been more of a collection of episodes. In tonight’s finale, an elderly woman dies in a Stockholm hospital from what seems to be an incurable disease, but her son refuses to believe that was the cause of death.
Saturday 10th October, 9pm, BBC4

The CSI juggernaut keeps chugging on with the latest spin-off of the mega-successful franchise. It stars Patricia Arquette as Special Agent Avery Ryan, head of the FBI’s cyber crime division. Their first assignment involves a kidnapped baby and their investigations lead them to discover that whoever was responsible hacked into a baby monitor to establish when the child was alone and vulnerable.
Saturday 10th October, 10pm, 5USA

6. From Darkness *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Another body is discovered, which seems to have been left as a message for Claire when her old shoulder number is found. She decides to return to Manchester and work on the case, to John’s delight but leaving Norrie devastated as he feels she is being dragged away from him – especially as more secrets come to light and professional and personal issues collide. Claire takes responsibility for determining the identities of the corpses, and tries to persuade the Fenton family to determine if their daughter is among the victims.
Sunday 11th October, 9pm, BBC1

7. Hinterland/Y Gwyll *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Sadly we had no programme information when we went to press on this, but suffice to say it’ll be another intense trawl through the nether regions of the Ceredigion area of Wales.
Sunday 11th October, 9pm, S4C

After 12 series, it’s time for the last ever New Tricks. The team investigates the murder of a political activist 15 years earlier but, just as it is getting somewhere, Ted orders the investigation to be halted and Ucos is threatened with closure following its perceived mishandling of the Hanway case. However, the team refuses to give up, and finds evidence of a cover-up involving top officials and a multi-national drugs company.
Tuesday 6th October, 9pm, ITV

The first series of this intense, slow-burning drama comes to an end tonight. Daniel admits to Amantha that he does not know what happened the day Hanna died. Trey finds George’s body by the river.
Tuesday 6th October, 9pm, AMC UK

10. The Guilty
There’s another chance to see this gripping series starring Tamsin Greig, Katherine Kelly and Darren Boyd. Following an annual neighbourhood barbecue in a communal garden, Claire and Daniel Reid discover their four-year-old son Callum has gone missing, and a nationwide police search is launched, but the boy is not found. Five years later, as workmen repair a burst water main in the same garden, his body is unearthed, just a short distance from his home. Having been forced to step down from the original case, DCI Maggie Brand leads the investigation into Callum’s death, while adjusting to the news her young son has autism. 
Saturday 11th October, 9pm, ITV Encore



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