Peaky Blinders begins filming season three, Paddy Considine joins cast

Actor-Paddy-Considine-006Peaky Blinders is a funny show for me. I enjoy it, but for the purposes of this site I’ve never seen it as a crime drama – it’s more of a gangster and family drama, even though there’s crime (bloody at that) . However, I’m aware that plenty of people within the crime writing fraternity and readers of this site do count it as a crime drama. A few weeks ago showrunner Steven Knight and Cillian Murphy were present at the Radio Times Festival, and they promised that there were big things planned for series three. They weren’t wrong.

First off, the BBC has released a plot outline: Tommy Shelby is pulled into the glamorous and dangerous world of international intrigue in 1920s Britain, putting his entire organisation and family at risk, and forcing him to question everything about his own ambitions and desires.

Paddy Considine joins the cast as the representative of a force beyond anything Shelby has previously encountered.

Also joining for season three, Dina Korzun, Jan Bijvoet are refugees from a foreign conflict who desperately need Tommy Shelby’s help.

Creator Steven Knight, who has confirmed that the series will open on Tommy Shelby’s wedding day, writes all episodes. He said, “I am genuinely thrilled at the prospect of season three. I think it will be the best yet. Lots of things familiar but lots of things are new. It’s still a Birmingham story and it always will be. Now, it has international consequences. I can’t wait to see it myself.”

Belgian director Tim Mielants, whose series Cordon was recently remade in the US as Containment, will direct all episodes, and Simon Maloney makes his debut as producer.

So Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and now Paddy Considine, one of my favourite British actors. That has to be worth a watch, right?


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