Review: Midwinter Of The Spirit (S1 E3/3), Wednesday 7th October, ITV



And so we come to it, the finale of Midwinter Of The Spirit. It has been pounded in the ratings by BBC1’s Doctor Foster and there’s an argument that this should have been scheduled much deeper into winter, on Sunday nights perhaps (imagine, a proper winter ghost story). But one thing is has been is well-made and there are thrills and spills available to those who want them. We saw at the end of the last episode that the imprint or spirit of Denzil Joy was still looking large in Merrily’s mind, a mind that had become utterly frazzled. It was just a case of whether she could pull it back together, get her daughter back from evil Angela and find out what her gang were up to. No pressure then. Continue reading


Channel 4 confirms Fargo season two transmission date



Fargo was one of our favourite crime dramas from last year, so the excitement for the second series is palpable. There’s a lot of stuff on at the moment, which is great, but none of it quite like Fargo, which expertly mixes high farce and the macabre, and carries on the Coen brothers’ vision and tone with extreme elan. So, no, we can’t wait – and have been like that ever since it was announced a US premiere date had been set. But as is the norm with these things we’ve had to wait for British broadcaster, Channel 4, to announce its transmission date to UK audiences. Until now… Continue reading

Five reasons why Beck is the Swedish equivalent of Morse


beck-larssonWe’ve really been enjoying Swedish drama Beck over on BBC4 this past month. It’s a very solid, watchable and entertaining adaptation of the Martin Beck novels by legendary husband-and-wife team Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö. There’s an interesting dynamic at the heart of the series, between the eponymous Martin Beck and that of his partner Gunvald Larsson (Mikael Persbrandt). The two couldn’t be more different, and when watching them at work we were reminded of something. Or someone- our very own Inspector Morse and his partner, Lewis. Here are our reasons why. Continue reading

Review: Lewis (S9 E1/6), Tuesday 6th October, ITV



The transition from Inspector Morse to plain Lewis (why not Inspector Lewis ?) was a fairly smooth one; Lewis in his elevated post continued to be the practical, solid one, unimpressed by authority; new boy Hathaway took on the role of the intellectual with a free pass to the establishment. But since this looks like it may be the last season of Lewis, what character variations might be played out in the closing stages? A new boss and a new(ish) junior, for a start; Steve Toussaint (top cop in Scott & Bailey) as new Chief Superintendent Moody; and Angela Griffin as spunky DS Maddox. Claire Holman remains as Lewis’s love interest, pathologist Dr Hobson. Continue reading