Channel 4’s foreign language on-demand service snaps up Lars Mikkelsen Danish drama

tumblr_n3zi2mHdba1shy9s2o1_500A few weeks ago Channel 4 announced the full details of its new foreign-language channel. Walter Presents would be an on-demand service, showcasing the very best dramas from Europe and other non English-speaking territories, with some of the shows (mostly dramas), occasionally to be premiered on More4, one of the Channel 4 network’s free-to-air channel, later on. Actual programming details were to come later, and now they have emerged, and one of the shows that Walter Presents will be premiering are two crime dramas from mainland Europe, one from Denmark.

Thanks to our friends at we were alerted to the fact that Walter Presents has inked a deal with ZDF, a big-time distributor, for a whole host of shows.

These include Belgian black comedy The Clan, Swedish family drama Thicker Than Water and the 10-part Swedish political thriller Blue Eyes, which was described as ‘controversial’.

Part of the five-series deal with ZDF include two crime dramas. One, The Pack, is from Poland and sounds intriguing.

Set in the beautiful Bieszczady Mountains it follows the exploits of a Border Patrol officer, who finds himself in the frame for the murder of his girlfriend and fellow guards.

But the real intrigue comes in the form of The Team, and eight-part crime drama that follows a European investigation team. headed up by a Danish homicide detective. Who plays that Danish homicide detective? Why, it’s none other than The Killing’s fabulous Lars Mikkelsen.


The Team will also get an airing on More4 at a later date.


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