Twin Peaks: Michael Ontkean pulls out; David Duchovny to appear?



The new Twin Peaks is one of the most eagerly-awaited series around (it’ll probably hit our screens in early 2017), but after the announcement that David Lynch’s surreal crime drama would be back for a brand-new run after 20-odd years things have been a little rocky throughout the pre-production process. There were lots of contract wranglings with co-creator Lynch, and now there seem to be casting problems, with Michael Ontkean – who played the softly-spoken, morally sturdy local sheriff in the original series – pulling out of the project. But there may be some good news… one of the show’s original guest stars, now a superstar, might be coming back. 

TV Line reported that Michael Ontkean has opted not to reprise his beloved role of Sheriff Harry S. Truman in the upcoming limited-run revival. Rumor has it that veteran actor Robert Forster has stepped in to replace Ontkean as the town’s top lawman, although it’s unclear if he will be playing Truman or a new sheriff. It’s thought that the reason for Ontkean’s decision is because he’s been retired from the acting business for a number of years.

TV Line also went onto say:

Forster is the latest Twin Peaks neophyte to board the Showtime continuation, joining The Killing‘s Peter Sarsgaard, Prison Break‘s Robert Knepper, Brothers & Sisters’ Balthazar Getty and Big Love‘s Amanda Seyfried. To date, the only piece of casting Showtime has officially confirmed is Kyle MacLachlan, who will reprise his role as Agent Dale Cooper.

That’s interesting. Although many of the original cast have tweeted their excitement at the new series, Kyle MacLachlan is the only one to officially confirm.

One person who may be appearing is David Duchovny. The actor appeared in three episodes in the original run as transgender DEA agent Denise Bryson, and made quite an impact in his short run. Duchovny went on to become a global superstar thanks to The X-Files, and it may be no coincidence that Showtime is also behind the reveival of that show, too.

Anyway, TV Line also reports that Duchovny was in attendance at the New York Comic-Con at the weekend, sand was asked about Twin Peaks:

“There is a chance I’ll show up on Twin Peaks,” he told TVLine Saturday at New York Comic-Con, where he was promoting X-Files‘ January relaunch. Fearing the presumed wrath of franchise overlord David Lynch, who to date has only confirmed the return of Kyle MacLachlan’s Agent Cooper, Duchovny quickly added, “That’s all I can say. I’ve been frightened into silence.”

Asked if he would be be up for slipping back into Denise’s form-fitting skirts, Duchovny responded with a grin, “Yeah, I’ll shave my legs.”


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