Review: Lewis (S9 E2/6), Tuesday 13th October, ITV

One_for_Sorrow___Part_TwoTwo-parter One For Sorrow concludes with this episode, with the murders of artist/psychologist Talika Desai and an Estonian drifter being been linked by a video. But who actually did the killings Topically, this episode kicks off with a rugby match; sneaky Ollie is trying to pass off his facial injuries as sporting trophies. Could he be the hooded character seen in the murder video? How does this tie in with Talika’s smoothie agent Sean, who keep s getting anonymous phone calls? Creepy taxidermist Jasper, whose house has been vandalised and graffitied? Charity worker Ian Tedman, who apparently had an affair with Talika? Or Hathaway’s Dad, whose dementia is becoming an increasing burden? (oh no, wait a minute, he’s probably not the killer). Continue reading Review: Lewis (S9 E2/6), Tuesday 13th October, ITV