Unconfirmed reports detail The Bridge season three’s UK transmission date


nordicIt’s difficult to hold something in when you’re desperate to let the world know your news, especially when it comes to series three of The Bridge. I’ve known the transmission date for a few a while now (get me), but because there are correct processes and protocols to follow, I’ve chosen to keep that information close to my chest. But now it seems the cat is out of the bag, even though it hasn’t been confirmed by BBC4. Yet.

So as soon as we all knew that the correct order for BBC4’s autumn slate of Scandinavian crime dramas it was pretty easy to work out from there.

A few weeks ago The Bridge’s official facebook page posted this:

Good news for our UK fans! BBC4 will air third season November 2015. In the meantime: can our Scandinavian, European and many worldwide fans promise not to spoil anything?

Posted by Bron – Broen – The Bridge on Friday, 9 October 2015

And then a few days ago, Nordic Noir – the excellent distributor of Scandi and other European drama DVDs, posted this on its instagram page:


So there are two (sort of) confirmations right there, although BBC4 has yet to confirm anything. In the meantime, it’s safe to assume that Saturday 21st November will be the date the eagerly anticipated third series kicks off. At 9pm.

It’s all a bit exciting isn’t it?


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