Trailer: The Bridge, BBC4



The bastards. The utter, utter bastards. Look what they’ve done. Look what I’ve done. I’m referring to BBC4 and the approach its marketing team has employed when making this trailer for series three of The Bridge, which went live yesterday. I mean, it’s something to know that Martin Rodhe will not be in this series (still coming to terms with that) but it’s one thing to see it. And then it’s another thing entirely to be shown an emotion-tweaking, tear-inducing montage of Saga and Martin hugging and stuff with Johnny Cash playing in the background. Have a look for yourselves if you haven’t seen it…

It’s interesting that the Swedes and Danes have very much blocked Martin out of all imagery, both prior to transmission and during so it’s a surprise that BBC4 has chosen this tact. Why? To pull on our heartstrings. To destroy us emotionally.

The bastards.

And yes, I did it too. I put up a picture of Saga and Martin. BECAUSE THEY MADE ME DO IT.

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