The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 26th October – Sunday 1st November)

Programme Name: Cuffs - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Picture Shows:  PC Donna Prager (ELEANOR MATSUURA), PC Lino Moretti (ALEX CARTER), PC Jake Vickers (JACOB IFAN), DS Jo Moffat (AMANDA ABBINGTON), PC Ryan Draper (ASHLEY WALTERS), DC Carl Hawkins (SHAUN DOOLEY), SUPT Robert Vickers (PETER SULLIVAN), DI Felix Kane (PAUL READY) - (C) Tiger Aspect - Photographer: Tiger Aspect

(C) Tiger Aspect – Photographer: Tiger Aspect

This week there’s lots to look forward to (when isn’t there these days?). There are high-quality, continuing series like Hinterland, Fargo, River and Unforgotten, as well as two new starters. One of them, Cuffs, has received some comparison with The Bill, while the glamorous series three Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries also kicks off.

  1. Hinterland/Y Gwyll *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
    This second series of he Welsh crime drama has been of an extremely high quality. It’ll be on BBC4 in its English-language version in the New Year, but if you want to catch with it on S4C here it is… and it’s the series two finale tonight.
    Sunday 1st November, 9pm, S4C

The events at the diner continue to have repercussions for various people on both sides of the law in the towns of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Luverne, Minnesota. Gerhardt crime family matriarch Floyd and her boys receive a surprising offer, while two unlikely murderers try their best to clean up the mess they have made.
Monday 26th October, 10pm, C4

With his career resting on the outcome of his psychiatric report, the detective keeps his unofficial investigation into Stevie’s death to himself. Tensions run high with his new partner Ira, who fears being dragged down by River’s instability, while Chrissie needs him to investigate a suspicious workplace accident that has left a foreman fighting for his life. However, his mind is elsewhere as he discovers that Stevie had been keeping secrets from him, forcing him to reassess how well he really knew his best friend and colleague.
Tuesday 27th October, 9pm, BBC1

4. Unforgotten *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
As the investigation into the cold-case murder continues, the forensic team discovers that the marks on the victim’s body are consistent with known gangland torture methods. With this in mind, Cassie and Sunny question Sir Phillip about his involvement with a prominent East End crime family 40 years ago. Did the businessman or any of the shady associates of his youth have anything to do with Jimmy’s disappearance or murder? Meanwhile, Eric and Claire’s anniversary gets under way.
Thursday 29th October, ITV

The BBC’s new pure-cop drama. On his first day working with Ryan, rookie cop Jake faces a challenging shift on Brighton’s streets, but as the boss’s son, his biggest task is earning the respect of his colleagues.
Wednesday 28th October, 8pm, BBC1

6. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries *UK PREMIERE SERIES*
I have a huge soft spot for this series, dripping as it does in beautiful period detail, and old-fashioned thrills, spills and deduction. The return of the Australian crime drama set in the 1920s. Phryne is called in to investigate when a guillotine act goes wrong at a magic show and leads to the death of the conjuror’s assistant, while her rogue of a father arrives from England and interferes in her relationship with Jack Robinson.
Wednesday 28th October, 9pm, Alibi

After finding an unusual tattoo on the college dean’s body and two more murder victims with the same inking, Lewis and Hathaway discover that the tattoo signifies membership of a secret esoteric society that believes past sins can be forgiven by the literal sharing of guilt. Before the fourth and final murder takes place, the team must uncover the guilty secret that the victims share in order to learn the identity of the killer.
Tuesday 27th October, 9pm, ITV

Two Swedish girls are been found dead on the outskirts of Brussels, and the circumstances surrounding their deaths point to a vicious trafficking operation.
Saturday 31st October, 9pm, BBC4

9. Scott & Bailey
Lesley Sharp and Suranne Jones return as the crime-fighting duo for the third series. Called to the home of an elderly couple who haven’t been seen for a while, Janet discovers Eunice Bevan’s severed head at the bottom of the stairs, her body at the top, and her husband Joe in bed, emaciated and barely able to speak. Meanwhile, the detective puts her house on the market, admitting her relationship with Ade is over, and three months in to Rachel’s marriage to traffic cop Sean, she’s starting to feel a little claustrophobic.
Monday 26th October, 10pm, ITV Encore

10. DCI Banks
Here’s series three of the eternally solid crime drama. A man and woman claiming to be social workers visit a mother and tell her they need to take her son away. However, when they fail to bring him back, it transpires that the pair are not known by the authorities. Banks is drawn into a full-scale search for the missing boy, but new evidence and inconsistent witness statements cause the detective to question the truth of what he has been told.
Tuesday 27th October, 10pm, ITV Encore



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