Lewis to end after season nine

The story of Inspector Morse has stretched out for almost 30 years, thanks to spin-offs Lewis and, latterly, Endeavour. But ITV today confirmed that Lewis stars Kevin Whately and Laurence Fox have decided to retire from the drama after 10 years playing the ‘perfect’ detective duo Robbie Lewis and James Hathaway. 

BBC releases details of Mark Billingham adaptation

We known for a while now that two of Mark Billingham’s crime novels – In The Dark and Time Of Death – were to get the BBC treatment. He’s already been burnt by the Thorne/Sky experience, but it’s great to see that his work is back on the TV and the BBC fleshed out the details…

Hinterland/Y Gwyll renewed for a third season

I’ve been enjoying the second series of Hinterland/Y Gwyll on S4C. It’s been rammed full of interesting stories featuring people who seemingly live in a bit of a time warp. When I interviewed showrunner Ed Thomas, he told me that he was hoping for some sort of Welsh Western feel, and that totally made sense…

Review: Fargo (S2 E3/10), Monday 2nd November, Channel 4

The second episode of Fargo settled down considerably last week and I felt we really got a handle on the new characters as well as being thrust back into Fargo’s finely balanced milieu with some delicious, trademark moments – farce, the macabre… it was all there. Let’s see how episode three panned out.