BBC releases details of Mark Billingham adaptation


In_the_DarkWe known for a while now that two of Mark Billingham’s crime novels – In The Dark and Time Of Death – were to get the BBC treatment. He’s already been burnt by the Thorne/Sky experience, but it’s great to see that his work is back on the TV and the BBC fleshed out the details of the first of his books it’s adapting – In The Dark, featuring detective Helen Weeks.

In The Dark centres around the engaging and complex female detective Helen Weeks, in two separate stories. In the first two-parter, Helen discovers she is pregnant, but before she can confront her tricky issue of whether the child is her partner Paul’s or the result of an affair, she is compelled to go back to her hometown when her best friend from school is drawn into the centre of a media storm – her husband has been arrested for the abduction of two young girls and in a world of 24-hour news and trial by media, the local cops are under enormous pressure to get their man. But is he the right man? Helen must solve the case by confronting both her present and her past – digging deep into the secrets of her childhood, just as she’s contemplating bringing a new life into the world.

In the second two-parter based on Billingham’s novel In The Dark, a heavily pregnant Helen grapples with unexpected tragedy pulling her into a dangerous world of the grimy under-belly of urban Manchester and forcing herself to ask the question: even if you love someone, do you ever really know them completely? With new priorities and fragile hope for the future, can Helen make the world a better place for her unborn child?

Danny Brocklehurst says: “I’m delighted to be continuing my relationship with BBC One, bringing to life these wonderful Mark Billingham thrillers. For me, crime drama is only interesting when it is told through character and in Helen Weeks, Mark has created a brilliant central character: a ballsy, funny, outspoken police woman who finds herself on the cusp of motherhood and has to grudgingly accept the vulnerability that brings to her.”

There’s no word on casting yet, but more news on this as we get it.


2 thoughts on “BBC releases details of Mark Billingham adaptation

  1. Shai Lloyd

    The is the first time I have watched a series based on a book written by Mark Billinghan.. in all honesty I didn’t like the televised ‘In The Dark ‘ not saying it was awful, but there is so much more in the written word, give me the book every time .


    • Paul Hirons

      I think that’s always the case Shai. I’d recommend the two Thorne adaptations with David Morrissey if you can find them (on Sky a few years back in the UK)


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