Hinterland/Y Gwyll renewed for a third season


I’ve been enjoying the second series of Hinterland/Y Gwyll on S4C. It’s been rammed full of interesting stories featuring people who seemingly live in a bit of a time warp. When I interviewed showrunner Ed Thomas, he told me that he was hoping for some sort of Welsh Western feel, and that totally made sense – there’s an epic feel to the shots and craggy locations and people play out their feuds in front of tormented cop Tom Matthias and his excellent partner Mared Rhys. There’s good news today – the channel’s Welsh home, S4C, has announced that it’s to be renewed for a third series.

Lest we forget, the show boasts an extraordinary production – it’s made back-to-back in both Welsh and English languages. It’s first broadcast in Welsh on S4C with a bilingual version aired on BBC One Wales. And then it’s broadcast on BBC4 in English. 

It’s pretty remarkable.

Here’s what S4C had to say about the announcement:

Financed by broadcast partners S4C and BBC Wales, together with all3media International, Tinopolis, the S4C Co-Production Fund and Welsh Business Finance, it is produced by award-winning production company Fiction Factory. Series 3 will be produced by the show’s co-creators Ed Talfan and Ed Thomas.

The announcement about Series 3 is made as Series 2 comes to a gripping end on S4C. Series 2 is set to be broadcast on BBC One Wales in the new year.

Among the big names confirmed for the third series of the ground-breaking crime drama is Richard Harrington as the enigmatic, intense but brilliant detective DCI Tom Mathias.

The stellar cast of the multi award-winning series will again feature Mali Harries as DI Mared Rhys and Aneirin Hughes as Chief Inspector Brian Prosser.

Ed Thomas said: “We are delighted to be starting work on Series 3, and are hugely grateful to our partners at S4C, BBC Wales and all3media International for their continuing support. The success of the show is testament to the hard work of our wonderful cast and crew and we look forward to teaming up with them again for Series 3.”

It’s also worth noting that outside the UK, it’s available on Netflix.

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30 Comments Add yours

  1. Betania says:

    I am watching this show on Netflix; I love it.


    1. Iris S says:

      Absolutely love Hinterland. Watching on Netflix, and am wildly anticipating season 3.


  2. Juliet Page says:

    Just spotted filming in Aberystwyth today. So happy


  3. Mike Tourville says:

    Can’t wait for season 3,just finished season 2.


  4. R. rubert says:

    Watching it on Netflix. Excellent !!!!!


  5. leprecaun28 says:

    yay! Great news


  6. Blog Author says:

    I can’t believe the last episode! Just leave us hanging! Good thing a third season is coming.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Jake says:

    Great drama and season two did really leave you hanging! My only question is, I hope the actors are a lot happier in real life than on this show, but it is some of the best drama I gave seen!


  8. Melinda Ward says:

    So happy! Watch it on Netflix. Disappointed when I start a series from the BBC and it’s only 2 or 3 seasons.
    Thank you again!


  9. Mary M. says:

    I really enjoy this series. So glad there will be a third season, especially after being left hanging with Mathias caravan being burned up and him being bashed on the head! I am in the USA so have watched on Netflix.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Thanks Mary, glad you enjoyed it!


  10. Sukhi says:

    I love Hinterland! The acting, writing, & cinematography are awesome. I can’t wait for season 3. I watch it on Netflix, so I’ll be waiting a while…


    1. CuznBrucie says:

      Best drama series I have ever seen. The sweeping landscape shots and the excellent creative framing of the closeup shots are magnificent. I want to live in that gorgeous seaside village.


  11. Katy S says:

    Such a great show! Just finished it in Netflix in the states! Season 3 can’t come soon enough! I was in tears a number of times! I have also loved seeing the beautiful landscapes it was filmed on!


  12. dglion says:

    We’ve just watched the last episode of season 2 on Netflix in the U.S. and now have an overwhelming urge to go to Aberystwyth just to see if we can catch any hints while they’re filming season 3.


  13. Jim fraser says:

    Thank you for the great news on the renewal. Just finished watching Season 1 and 2 on Netflix. Superior program. Going to England this summer and have now added Wales to the itinerary especially the Ceredigion. Cant wait to drive there. Again congrats on the renewal


  14. Christina says:

    OMG, just now finishe’d watching season 2… talk about cliff hanger! Yelled out NO!!!! When that’s was it! Can’t wait for season 3, hope I can remembered all the twist and turns of the story line. . I didn’t understand, the second episode of season one, was confused… hoping season 3 will give more clues. Great show. Love jt!


  15. Annie says:

    Recorded all episodes and just finished watching them back to back LOVE it ist AMAZING cant wait for seasonn 3


  16. Denise m says:

    So happy about another season . Season 2 ended with HUH? Not Mathias ! He can’t go out that way ! Lol looking forward so very much to season 3 on Netflix .


  17. Absolutely brilliant series, first class acting and wonderful cinematography. Well done Ed Thomas and Ed Talfan, as good if not better than anything that’s come out of Scandinavia.


  18. John Owens says:

    Great series. Can not wait until season 3 is on Netflix! Truly a brilliant series. Love it!


    1. Sonia S. says:

      I couldn’t agree more. When, Netflix?


  19. Vikki Newton says:

    I just discovered this series and absolutely love it. Although I wish that DCI Mathias would have at least one really happy relationship with someone, it is, of course, his torment that makes the watching so compelling. The entire cast is wonderful. Can’t wait for Season 3.


  20. Barbara Sasse says:

    Just finished 2nd season and were so upset to think it was over. We love the series but hated being left hanging. So happy there is going to be a season 3. We found it on Netflix. When will it be available next. Thank you so much! We love British films.


  21. jenny says:



  22. wendy says:

    Going through with drawls please need season 3!


  23. Holly Starr says:

    Absolutely love this show! Looking forward to Series 3.


  24. Lea Harbour says:

    3/30/17 watching season 3 on PBS . I watch every BBC crime show (as well as dramas) I can find. This show is excellent. Wish they would show other series often!


  25. Sherri says:

    Love this show and allot of other from BBC and others from across the pond well done
    Keep them coming


  26. We love Hinterland here in Canada. Please make sure we get more seasons. One more is not enough, so keep them coming.
    Yvonne 20th August 2017


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