The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 9th-Sunday 15th November)

There’s a great new period crime drama – with dollops of gothic horror – starting this week, one that takes the Frankenstein story and gives it new life. Elsewhere, we say goodbye to Lewis, the first Morse spin-off and a hardy perennial for a decade. There’s also the finale of Unforgotten. Quite the week.

Review: Arne Dahl (S2 E7&8/10), Saturday 7th November, BBC4

Afterquake – the only title in this series that makes much sense so far – clearly has two meanings. Kirstin Holm is dealing with the death of her lover Bengt – she totally blames her ex, Paul – and Stockholm suffers a bomb attack on its underground network. But though a gang of racist thugs…