The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 9th-Sunday 15th November)



There’s a great new period crime drama – with dollops of gothic horror – starting this week, one that takes the Frankenstein story and gives it new life. Elsewhere, we say goodbye to Lewis, the first Morse spin-off and a hardy perennial for a decade. There’s also the finale of Unforgotten. Quite the week.

  1. The Frankenstein Chronicles *NEW PREMIERE SERIES*
    Wednesday 11th November, 10pm, ITV Encore
    Period crime drama set in London in 1827. When the police arrest a gang of opium smugglers on the banks of the Thames, Inspector John Marlott makes a shocking discovery in the form of the body of a dead child washed up on the shore. He is ordered by Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel to lead the investigation, however details must remain confidential.

Thursday 12th November, 9pm, ITV
Father Robert’s revelations prove to have lasting repercussions, especially for Caroline when she goes into premature labour. Bella and Josh deliberate over the best way to deal with their father, the search for Lizzie continues and Maureen is finally able to lay Jimmy to rest.

Tuesday 9th November, 9pm, ITV
As the investigation into blast that claimed the life of adulterous mathematics genius Adam Capstone progresses, Lewis’s concerns about securing another contract with Oxfordshire police continue to grow. The situation is only exacerbated when a second bomb is located, this time at the home of Capstone’s brother David, who had been working together with his sibling to sell the Knot Theory research to a pharmaceutical company.

Tuesday 9th November, 9pm, BBC1
A murder of Haider in the public library draws River and Ira deep into the refugee community, where they begin to discover just what Stevie was investigating before her untimely death. As the pair learn more about their late colleague’s inquiries, they begin to suspect that meddling in the affairs of this cloistered society might have been the cause of Stevie’s brutal fate. Meanwhile, River finds some solace from his own troubled mind with the Hearing Voices group, but Ira’s persistence leads him to a dangerous place – with devastating consequences for another of his co-workers.

Monday 8th November, 10pm, Channel 4
Time for another fantastic episode. Floyd responds to Kansas City’s proposal, and Hanzee takes a road trip. Meanwhile, Lou has a moment of realisation.

6. The Last Panthers *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
Thursday 11th November, 9pm, Sky Atlantic
Slightly pushing the boundaries of what we we think of a crime drama, this glossy multilingual drama based on Europe’s network of traffickers, gangsters and dishonest bankers. In the first instalment, a diamond heist triggers a dive into Europe’s criminal underworld, as seen through the eyes of a cop, a criminal, and a loss adjuster. Starring Samantha Morton and John Hurt.

Saturday 13th November, 9pm, BBC4
A woman collapses in the street having escaped from captivity in a basement, with no knowledge of why she had been kidnapped in the first place. As A Unit investigates what little the victim is able to provide by way of evidence, Kerstin and her team manage to link the underground dungeon where the woman has been held to a drugs ring run by a pair of brothers.

Tuesday 9th November, 10pm Channel 5
Avery Ryan’s old friend Jordan Tan seeks her help in locating his missing teenage daughter Zoey. When the team looks into high-schooler’s online history, they discover she had been the target of hacks, faked phone calls and social media posts, as well as a malicious website titled `Kill Yourself Zoey Tan’. The spate of abuse bears all the hallmarks of a particularly nasty case of online bullying, but Zoey’s digital footprint offers the investigators a lead in the form of online boyfriend Owen, who lives 300 miles away and seems to have invited her to visit. However, when the team ventures to Owen’s home, they discover his invitation was just another facet of the hate campaign, and with Zoey’s whereabout still unknown, serious concerns are raised about her wellbeing.

Sunday 14th November, 9pm, S4C
Another new episode from the second series of the Welsh whodunit thriller series.

10. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Wednesday 10th November, 9pm, Alibi
The murder of an Italian grandmother in her restaurant kitchen leads to the investigation of an Italian crime syndicate.

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