River finale: Who killed Stevie?

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 27/10/2015 - Programme Name: River - TX: n/a - Episode: River (No. Ep 4) - Picture Shows: *STRICTLY EMBARGOED UNTIL TUESDAY 27TH OCTOBER, 2015** Stevie (NICOLA WALKER), John River (STELLAN SKARSGARD) - (C) Kudos - Photographer: Nick Briggs
(C) Kudos – Photographer: Nick Briggs

River has definitely divided critics and viewers alike during its five-part run, and its sixth, final episode this Tuesday still has some questions to answer. Leave aside all the manifest business, there’s a murder to solve here – that of his beloved partner, Jackie ‘Stevie’ Stevenson. Yes, we want to know if River can vanquish his demons and start on the road to recovery, but we also want to know who killed Stevie. Who are the suspects?

Tom Read
Oh Tom. You’ve buggered things right up. Living the comfortable life of a judge, and husband to a top-ranking police officer, it has been revealed he took back-handers from a corrupt immigration officer to help grease the wheels of certain clients. Not only was he pictured going to the Dalston car-cleaning business tied in with Haider’s killer, he was also the missing number in Stevie’s phone.

Sunday Akentola
The corrupt immigration officer revealed in episode five was using Tom to grease some wheels, turn over some cases she had no right turning over. It was obvious Stevie was onto her – could she have eliminated the police officer to keep her little set-up going?

Chrissie Read
Bit of a long-shot this, as Chrissie has only ever been a beacon of strength for River. But the fact her world came apart when Tom was arrested means we have to ask the question: did Chrissie find out about Tom’s correspondence with Stevie, fear the worse and take action against a woman who could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back?

The Stevensons
Take your pick here. Stevie ratted on her brother, Jimmy, sending him down for years. Could matriarch Bridie have had something to do with it? Could her spurned brother Jimmy have sought revenge? What about her beloved younger brother Frankie? Could Stevie’s uncle Michael Bennigan, the head of ‘legit’ car hire firm, who’s been far too smiley and helpful to River so far, be at the heart of this?

John River
I have to add River to this list because his grip on reality has been dwindling steadily throughout the series, to the point where he sometimes doesn’t know who or what is real any more. He has fights with his manifests in the middle of the street, and his anger bubbles up more often than not. Did River, in a confused state, perhaps do something to Stevie? Was his love for her so great that it pushed him over the edge?

River: Tuesday 17th November, 9pm, BBC1

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