The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 30th November – Sunday 6th December)


2012_08_10-Dr-Blake-GS_0091It’s anther big week in the crime drama arena, with established series rumbling on but also a few gems on radio and in daytime – The Doctor Blake Mysteries is well worth a watch (at least in iPlayer if you’re at work) for 1950s, period crime drama fun from Australia. And yes, that is Craig McLachlan of Neighbours fame.

    Buckle up – time for another two, densely-packed episode of the outstanding Scandi drama. Saga and Henrik interview the estranged sister of the latest victim, a teacher who had been on the receiving end of complaints from his pupils. Lillian discovers an unusual injury on the inside of a hospitalised Hans’ cheek, and Claus encounters Anneka while attending the Freddie Holst’s gallery opening.
    Saturday 5th December, 9pm, BBC4

Lou and Hank head to Fargo as they continue their investigation, Molly returns home to find someone waiting for her, Floyd is summoned away from home and Bear questions the loyalty of one of his family.
Monday 30th November, 10pm, Channel 4

3. The Frankenstein Chronicles *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Marlott takes a terrified Pritty to meet the men who kill for money, and they find themselves in the tunnels under Smithfield market which run from the Fortunes of War pub to St Bart’s Hospital. Meanwhile, Flora returns to Marlott’s lodgings – however, he plans to use her as bait for the murderous gang, against the wishes of Nightingale.
Wednesday 2nd December, 10pm, ITV Encore

Sherlock offers to help his father with a problem, providing he agrees to leave New York. He and Watson also investigate the deaths of two lookalikes.
Thursday 3rd December, 10pm, Sky Living

This psychological thriller, by Peter Whalley and directed by Pauline Harris, asks whether it’s ever morally acceptable to impose your own justice when the law has failed. By chance, Jane says that she has found the man who violently attacked her five years ago. But just a few years ago, she mistakenly identified a man she thought had assaulted her. So, who is this new man that she’s accusing, and has she got it right this time? With Lyndsey Marshal as Jane; Graeme Hawley as Mike; Will Ash as Neil; Nicola Ferguson as Cath; and Kate Coogan as Detective.
Monday 30th November, 2.15pm, BBC Radio 4

This one slipped through the net last week, so I’m pleased I can give it a bit of exposure this week because it’s quite underrated. After an early release from prison due to cancer, Dean Price is beaten, stabbed and left for dead in a copycat crime, identical to the one he was convicted of having a part in eight years ago. The father of the original victim comes under suspicion, after reports of an argument between him and Dean and evidence of blood on Dean’s kitchen floor. In an effort to get to the bottom of what happened, the east London detectives decide to reopen the original investigation.
Wednesday 2nd December, 10pm, Channel 5

7. The Do It With Mirrors
BBC Radio 4 Extra’s Agatha Christie season continues with a five-part adaptation of a Miss Marple adventure, starring June Whitfield. Miss Marple has been portrayed by many distinguished actresses but then it comes to radio, June Whitfield made the role her own. In this story, the perceptive amateur sleuth visits an old school friend, Ruth, who fears that her sister is in some kind of danger. The sister, Carrie Louise, lives in a Victorian mansion where her husband runs a home for delinquent boys. Carrie’s complex personal history, combined with the parlous manner in which the home is being run, results in a body count of three for the tenacious Miss Marple to unravel.
Monday 30th November, 1pm, BBC Radio 4 Extra

When a man dies after taking medication purchased from a hacked ad on a medical website, Ryan and her team are called in to investigate.
Tuesday 1st December, 10pm, Channel 5

9. The Doctor Blake Mysteries *UK PREMIERE SERIES*
The return of the Australian detective drama set in 1959, starring Craig McLachlan. Lucien investigates when a champion rower drowns after being thrown in a lake to celebrate a winning a race, and begins to suspect foul play.
Monday 30th November, 2.15pm

10. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
A hotel concierge falls to his death with Phryne’s stolen bag and the trail of clues leads to Baron Henry Fisher – the sleuth’s eccentric father.
Wednesday 2nd December, 9pm, Alibi



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