New Swedish thriller wants to emulate Breaking Bad


002ae833bf50d52c8ebd17fc1d5612da-gasmamman2It seems like Breaking Bad broke the mould when it came to drama, mixing as it did everything from crime and thriller to the darkest comedy. A new Swedish thriller series has popped up in my news feeds, which, it states, aims to not only emulate the US series in terms of plot, but also other Scandinavian crime dramas like The Killing and The Bridge in terms of global reach. It’s called Gasmamman (Mother Goose in English translation) and there’s no news in terms of distributors or home channel, but the star and the producers are making plenty of noise about it. See more after the jump…

Reuters reports:

Gasmamman mixes light-heartedness – including some hippy-like gardeners who guard the hidden marijuana plantation – with scenes of water-boarding in a kitchen sink and the daily drudge of a mother dealing with children’s school, and drug, issues.

The title “Mother Goose” refers both to the geese farm used to hide the marijuana plantation as well as the sense of a protective mother and her children, star [Alexandra] Rapaport said. Goose is also slang in Swedish for marijuana.

The Bridge and the Killing, they were a big inspiration for us, Rapaport said. But I think we also add some humor to it, which is why we compare it to Breaking Bad.

It sounds more like Weeds to me, but set in a Scandi setting. It’ll be interesting to see how Sweden (especially Sweden), with its perceived liberal society, deals with an issue like a family weed-growing business.
More news as we get it.
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