BBC iPlayer has a 12-minute catch-up video for Luther


luther1Earlier today I put up a post that included some bits and bobs to prepare for the imminent arrival of one of the UK’s biggest dramas and exports, Sherlock. Now here’s news of another one of the country’s biggest hitters – Luther – which is even more imminent. Like tomorrow night imminent.

Even though this new Luther story is only two episodes long, it’s being classed as the fourth series. In total there have been 14 episodes throughout its life, and now there’s a chance to catch up with previous storylines in a BBC iPlayer exclusive.

The catch-up service – which has introduced more and more exclusive content in 2015 – has a handy 12-minute video, allows us to reminisce about Luther’s twisted relationship with Alice, the murder of his wife, Zoe, his bond with Ripley and THAT door-smashing scene. It also reminds us how good Idris Elba is as the titular detective.

It’s well worth a watch.

To see it, go here.

Luther: Tuesday 15th December, 9pm, BBC1


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