The nine questions The Bridge finale must answer this weekend

11088339_892467297484146_6591525008218934494_nFor any self-respecting Scandi crime drama fan, this weekend – the weekend before Christmas, no less – will wrap up series three of The Bridge. It has been a stunning and intense five weeks, featuring a labyrinthine story that has peeled back its many layers week by week. Perhaps to almost compensate for the loss of Martin Rohde, Hans Rosenfeldt has thrown a huge cast of new characters our way, each of them coming and then going and then, sometimes, coming back again. There are also three plots to tie up in this finale (the identity and capture of The Clown Killer), and the resolutions of Saga and Henrik’s family cold cases, as well as finding out who has framed Saga. That’s a lot to get through in two hours of television. Here are the questions I want answered…

Will Saga be reinstated?
This is an obvious one. Judging by the programme information for episode nine, yes, Saga will be reinstated. But you can hardly blame Linn for enforcing leave upon our favourite Swedish detective. Saga is broken. Hans died, her mother died, she was being investigated by Internal Affairs for the murder of her mother, she didn’t search a suspect who, subsequently, shot his gun in the office and wounded John’s daughter… she’s close to breaking point. I hope the closure of these case provides some sort of closure. She deserves a bit of luck.

Who framed Saga?
This came to light in the last two episodes. Having had to deal with the presence of her ambiguous mother, and the thought that she might have got it wrong when it came to her accusations that her parents committed Munchausen By Proxy on her sister Jennifer, Saga now had to deal with the idea that her mother was not only dead, but also murdered. She immediately became a prime suspect and was investigated by Internal Affairs. Now, who would frame Saga? Someone with an intimate knowledge of her backstory? Or, a friend of Martin’s who still harbours a serious grudge against her for dobbing him in? I go for the latter.

My theory? I think it’s either Saga’s first partner, Hanne Thomsen, or, wait for it… Henrik. I know that’s a bit left field, but remember he specifically asked to work with Saga after Hanne was incapacitated by Morten Anke’s booby-trapped shack. I wonder if he went on a bit of a mission to get close to Saga and then torment her but fell in love with her anyway.

Just a theory. And here’s another one, from friend of The Killing Times and award-winning author, Sarah Hilary, over on Twitter:

Who is The Clown Killer?
It’s the main bone of contention, and in the last two episodes we were being led firmly down the ‘Annika as killer’ path. But I’m not sold. Yes, she’s a nutcase and yes, a room in Annika’s apartment was where Emil was held and tortured, but there’s something just not right about her. Obviously not right with her in the head but also something not quite right in terms of her being the Clown Killer. I detailed why in a previous post (see here), but there’s also the other point that the killer has taken some of his victims out with a gun, straying from his (or her) tableau-based plan and presentation of his victims. That opens up the possibility of their being two killers – one who is carrying out the symbol-laden, art-mimicking murders, and one who is clearing up after him/her.

If it’s not Annika, who could it be? Could it be Claes (definitely possible)? Could it even be Emil, who perhaps staged his own capture and escape (probably not)? With two hours of the story to go a lot can happen, including the introduction and processing of some other characters and suspects. Even though we’re approaching the finale, there’s a lot to sort out and this enormous cast of characters (for The Bridge, at least) is still to be whittled down.

Why was Claes carrying a spade?
We saw him euthanase his father and we saw him begin to crack from the attention of crazy Annika. So much so he was thinking of disposing his stalker and came in carrying a spade and a black bag in the last episode. Annika had gone missing. Had Claes been doing a spot of deadly gardening? Or was he just doing a spot of gardening?

Will Jeanette survive?
Poor Jeanette. Heavily pregnant and a pawn in Freddie Holst’s illegal surrogacy plan, she and witless Marc ran away after the Holst’s scheme was leaked to the media (by the increasingly shady Claes). While Jeanette doesn’t have Marc to worry about, we last saw her strapped to a table being filmed, about to give birth. The Clown Killer had seemingly finished his/her esoteric Glagolitic alphabet showboating, but obviously has one last surprise for everyone. Let’s hope the life of Jeanette and her child can be spared.

What has happened to Lise?
It’s amazing how this series has shifted from what seemed like a gender and sexuality-motivated crime to something more. Typical Scandinavian crime drama really. We had it in The Killing and now we have it The Bridge – there are so many layers to them that we have to be patient and let characters and storylines develop, and suspects to be processed. One of the consequences of having loads of characters (there’s an argument to be made that perhaps there have been too many in this third series) is that some of them, who seem prominent and important, get left by the wayside as the action hurtles forward. One of these characters was shock blogger and Sweden’s very own version of Katie Hopkins, Lise Friis Anderson. While her husband, Lars, has popped up now and again, Lise has kind of disappeared. I think Lars might just be one character to watch in these final two episodes.

Where is Anna Ekdahl?
See above. We haven’t seen her, or her almost comically overbearing mother, since her toyboy lover Benjamin slit his own wrists in a bath tub.

Will Henrik find out what happened to his wife and daughters?
Yet another arc we’re perhaps nearing the completion of is the fate of Henrik’s wife and daughters. What happened to them? It’s being suggested they’re dead, but if so how, and by whom?

Will Saga and Henrik ride off into the sunset, happily ever after?
This is a tricky one. While I dearly want Saga to experience some form of happiness, and Henrik obviously cares for her deeply, there’s something about Henrik that suggests all is still not as it seems. His drug abuse and links to x are yet to be revealed to Saga. I wonder how she will react? She’s a stickler for black and white right and wrongness (something that Martin found out to his cost), but this series she’s seen her control of things slip and subsequently slip into grey areas of morality.

Will Martin make a surprise appearance?
Just imagine Sarah Hilary’s theory is true. Just imagine the same person framed Saga AND Martin. Just imagine the two somehow came together in the final scenes, to set up a series four.

Just imagine.

Never going to happen.

Paul Hirons

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