Sofia Helin writes open letter to fans of The Bridge, so we wrote one back

Programme Name: The Bridge - TX: n/a - Episode: The Bridge - series 3 - ep 1 (No. 1) - Picture Shows: Saga Norén (SOFIA HELIN) - (C) Carolina Romare - Photographer: Carolina Romare
(C) Carolina Romare – Photographer: Carolina Romare

Well, the series finale of The Bridge was a bit of a corker wasn’t it? That last tableau constructed by Emil – with him and his father Freddie, and his newborn son, hanging in perfect symmetry from an erected rafter – was just about as dark and as terrifying as I’ve ever seen. And Saga’s moral conundrum – let the killer of her mentor and bezzie Hans die or let justice take its course – was a clever little twist on a similar decision she had to make at the end of series two, when she dobbed in Martin. And, of course, we had a slightly open ending, with both Henrik and Saga kind of out of work and agreeing to buddy up to look into their respective cold cases. The Norén And Sabroe Detective Agency! So it was all good and we’re still basking (or at least coming to terms with) the series and the ending, but one thing is not in doubt – Sofia Helin was tremendous as Saga, and the way she played her unravelling a real tour de force. And the Swedish actress has written a letter to fans of the show…

Some bright fellow on Twitter got hold of the letter, originally written in her native Swedish, and translated it.

Have a read…

In response to this, I’ve decided to write an open letter back, so affected was I with Sofia’s performance:

An open letter to Sofia Helin.

Dear Sofia.

Here in the UK we’ve just finished watching series three of The Bridge, and I wanted to say thank you for your outstanding and hugely affecting performance.

Having been at press conferences you have attended in the past, I know that you’re probably tired of answering questions about Martin Rohde’s non-appearance in this third series. We in the UK were beguiled by Saga and Martin’s relationship. They were chalk and cheese, and they were at opposite ends of the social spectrum. It was as if one person had been split into two, with each character embodying one side of this whole personality.

So I think I can speak for British fans when I say we were upset and disappointed when Kim decided not to take part in series three, and we wondered how Saga would survive on her own.

But survive she did. Just about.

The new characters – her relationships with Henrik, Hans, Lilllian, Linn and, of course, her mother and deceased sister Jennifer – made sure that series three gave Saga plenty of things to think about. More things to think about than ever before.

And as her careful control of her world started to slip, it was heartbreaking to watch. You’re right – Saga is difficult and different and extremely demanding. But in series three she became vulnerable for the first time as her woes started to pile up and penetrated her singular, strong emotional exterior. The way you portrayed her was terrific. We’ve often admired the way you transform physically to play her, but with her constant frown and her terrified twitching and shaking, it must have been fantastic to play but also exhausting.

We’re thankful that Saga is still around because, for all her faults, she, like all of us, are just trying to find our way in a hard, terrifying world. The fact she may have found some sort of happiness at the end gives us all hope.

We hope Saga’s back for another series, but in the meantime take a role in a comedy or a period drama. Or at least take a very long holiday. You deserve it.

Thanks and bravo for a fantastic performance.

The Killing Times


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  1. John Bowling says:

    I feel very strongly in agreement with everything expressed so well by Duncan above. Sofia, your portrayal of Saga was sublime and I think I appreciate its toll on you. I’m in Adelaide Australia, an ex psychologist of 40 years but The Bridge is the best thing I’ve ever seen on TV and please find the strength to continue. John Bowling


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