The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 4th – Sunday 10th January)

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 24/12/2015 - Programme Name: Silent Witness - TX: 04/01/2016 - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows:  Dr Nikki Alexander (EMILIA FOX) - (C) BBC   - Photographer: Todd Antony

(C) BBC – Photographer: Todd Antony

We’re going to need a bigger boat. This first weekend in January is rammed with new crime drama series – you can pretty much watch something new every night of the week. There’s the return of Silent Witness, Midsomer Murders, Death In Paradise, and even newer stuff thanks to the launch of new Channel 4 online on-demand service, Walter Presents, which has some really interesting-looking series to watch straight from its launch. As I said earlier, we’re going to need a bigger boat…

  1. Silent Witness *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
    The return of this enduring hit for its 19th series. The apparent suicide of a DJ leads Nikki to question her judgement in a strikingly similar case from her past and she brings the potential mistake to the attention of her colleagues, but the news threatens to have repercussions for the family of the deceased, the police and the Lyell Centre. The fresh evidence leads to the conclusion that a copycat killer is at large and Nikki finds evidence that an intruder has been entering her home.
    Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th January, 9pm, BBC1

A mysterious fire that killed an artist with connections to political activists leaves the police baffled, while Bright finds himself short-staffed when a stomach bug puts most of his men on sick leave. The situation becomes more serious when a housewife dies of the same condition. Endeavour investigates a family-run supermarket, believing the infection may have stemmed from their stock being deliberately contaminated, and discovers dark secrets that may have a connection to the unexplained blaze.
Sunday 10th January, 8pm, ITV

3. Midsomer Murders *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
Strap yourselves in for the 18th series of this cosy murder mystery. When wealthy landowner Gregory Lancaster’s body goes missing on the night of his death, a sinister web of secrets and lies is exposed in the village of Little Malton. As DCI Barnaby, DS Nelson and new forensic pathologist Kam Karimore investigate the mysterious crime, they find themselves drawn into a macabre world of body-snatching during their quest to identify the perpetrator.
Wednesday 6th January, 8pm, ITV

This sounds, and looks, fantastic. It’s available to watch in its entirety on Walter Presents (Channel 4’s new on-demand service) and is based in Buenos Aires. On his release from jail, psychopathic leader of The Sons of Saturn sect Hugo Lopez begins tormenting the ex-policeman whose daughter he killed in this macabre and intellectual Argentinian thriller.
Available now, Walter Presents

From the director of Spiral, this gripping French crime drama explores the world of football (bear with us), small-town politics and dormant feelings as a quiet community is devastated by the murder of a football supporter in the stands at a match. A cop from paris is sent to investigate and soon finds her sister is number one suspect.
Available Now, Walter Presents

Here’s another series on Walter Presents worthy of your consideration. The 25-year-old son of a respected police officer reluctantly joins the force as a traffic photographer after repeatedly failing to get into film school in this intriguing Czech crime drama series.
Available now, Walter Presents

7. Death In Paradise *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
The mega-hit is back for series five. Millionaire environmentalist and scientist Dan Hagen is shot on his boat while out at sea, and all the evidence points toward a robbery gone wrong, but DI Goodman suspects foul play by a crew member. The team soon realises the group are not as close-knit as they initially seem, and with everyone hiding a secret, the pressure is on to get to the bottom of how and why Dan was killed. The case gives the British detective a sudden desire to become a sailor, while Florence surprises the team with her action hero credentials.
Thursday 7th January, 9pm, BBC1

Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are back for what could be the final series. There’s a call from a mysterious stranger igniting an explosive chain of events, with the first of a two-part story told from Castle’s perspective as he searches for his Beckett
Tuesday 5th January, 9pm, Alibi

9. The Young Montalbano *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Salvo and Livia start to prepare for their wedding and Mimi’ Auguello is especially eager to be picked as Salvo’s wedding witness. Meanwhile, a fire at a local hotel, which resulted in a man’s death, is suspected to have been caused by arson, while the police receive an anonymous letter warning of the impending murder of a married woman at the hands of her jealous husband.
Saturday 10th January, 9pm, BBC4

10. Appropriate Adult
Here’s another chance to see the drama that tells how notorious serial killers Fred and Rosemary West were brought to justice. In 1994 the life of Gloucestershire voluntary worker Janet Leach is turned upside down when she is asked by police to sit in on interviews as an independent safeguard on behalf of a man they have arrested. Within minutes he makes a shocking confession of murder. From then on she is drawn into the centre of the investigation and a complex personal relationship with West, who tells her information about other victims that she cannot pass on to the authorities because of her obligation of confidentiality to him.
Saturday 10th January, 9pm, ITV Encore



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