Walter Presents launches today. What to watch on the new on-demand service

screen_shot_2015-12-03_at_12.45.53Walter who? In a world where TV channels are not only competing with an increased number of traditional broadcast outlets but also on-demand services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, channels or portals or, haven forbid, brands, one solution to get a new channel noticed is call it something a bit out of the norm. Channel 4’s new online service – Walter Presents – will certainly get noticed. (Whether it’s able to stick in the mind and make an impression is another thing.) No matter – the service launches today and crime drama fans are in for a treat. The only question is: when will we have time to watch yet another new channel stuffed full of incredible-looking foreign-language drama?

The service, which was previously announced with the working title 4 World Drama is being launched through a partnership between Global Series Network (GSN) and Channel 4, will be exclusively available in the UK via Channel 4’s new digital hub, All 4.

The unique branding of Walter Presents was chosen by Channel 4 to emphasise the curatorial nature of the service. Walter Iuzzolino, Chief Creative Officer of GSN, will personally curate the new service which will offer a constantly evolving and expanding slate of foreign-language dramas, making it the go-to destination for both discerning fans of world drama and those curious to discover more about the genre. With an unrivalled passion for world drama, Walter’s informed and inspired curation will create an intriguing and surprising library of handpicked titles exclusively available through Walter Presents.

To take a look and get stuck in, go here

So what about content?

The good news is that right from the get-go there are some intriguing crime dramas from all over the world to get stuck into.

Even though this isn’t a crime drama, it’s worth a mention – Heartless is from Nikolaj Scherfig (who wrote some of The Bridge) and directed by Natasha Arthy (who helmed two episode of The Killing) and is a Danish supernatural drama, dubbed as a sexier version of the Twilight movies. Might be worth a watch.

But let’s concentrate on crime drama:

xScreen-Shot-2015-12-22-at-16.13.16.png.pagespeed.ic.uzHAJs9jI8Match Day
Country of origin: France
Available: now

Three episodes
French crime drama exploring the world of football, small-town politics and dormant feelings as a quiet community is devastated by the murder of a football supporter in the stands at a match. A detective returns to her hometown to investigate the mysterious death of a young football fan and is shocked to discover that her sister may be implicated in the murder. Her investigation uncovers a tangled web of sexual and sporting scandals.


xScreen-Shot-2015-12-22-at-16.14.10.png.pagespeed.ic.0aO78MySugThe Lens
Country of origin: Czech Republic
Available: now
Seven episodes
Roman, the feckless 25-year-old son of a respected police officer is the unlikely hero of this Czech crime series. After repeatedly failing to get into film school and realise his dream of becoming a film maker, Roman reluctantly accepts his father’s offer of a job and joins him on the police force as a police photographer. However, his first day on the job ends in tragedy when his father is killed in a hit and run. Determined to find his father’s killer, Roman proves himself to be a skilled crime scene investigator.


xScreen-Shot-2015-12-22-at-16.17.46.png.pagespeed.ic.B1maGAPFqGPure Evil
Country of origin: Argentina
Available: now
13 episodes
A psychopathic leader of the sect ‘The Sons of Saturn’ has decided to make former policeman and expert criminologist Daniel Parodi’s life a living hell. Years before, the sadistic monster kidnapped Parodi’s innocent teenage daughter Laura and despite being offered a ransom for her safe return, callously murdered her before his very eyes. Now, for reasons unknown, whilst Parodi struggles to come to terms with the loss of his only child, the murderer has decided to revive his cruel cat-and-mouse game. Brutal and uncompromising, he delights in the thrill of the chase and repeatedly corners, tortures and releases his victim, just to keep on playing. PURE EVIL is a dark, poetic, sophisticated psychological thriller, littered with literary clues and set against the seductive backdrop of Buenos Aires.


Country of origin: Switzerland
Available: now
10 episodes
On New Year’s Eve in Geneva, eight players gather at a secret location for a highstakes game of poker organized by Vincent Torrella. This is no ordinary game – in the pot is nearly half a million francs and unbeknown to the players, the room has been bugged. The police are secretly watching their every move, waiting to pounce on a wanted criminal, hiding amongst the players.


xcenk-batu.jpg.pagespeed.ic.NKQY_ZoDiFCenk Batu
Country of origin: Germany
Available: now
Six episodes
Cenk Batu is the top undercover agent for the Landeskriminalamt (LKA), the German state police. A multi-lingual German of Turkish ancestry, rough talking and leather jacket-clad, Cenk infiltrates the criminal underworld of Hamburg whilst investigating cases of political corruption, terrorism and industrial espionage.


cef3bbfdd7149799479b0352143c0c8c_f5314Thicker Than Water
Country of origin: Sweden
Available: February
10 episodes
The beautiful island of Sunnanö in the Swedish archipelago is home to a popular B&B run by Anna-Lisa and her son Oskar. Anna-Lisa has summoned her daughter Jonna, an actress, and son Lasse, an opportunist, to the island. It is the first time in years that they are together again. When Anna-Lisa is found dead one morning, the siblings learn that she had terminal cancer: Her will stipulates that all three siblings must run the family B&B together for a year, or they won’t inherit it at all. It is a mother’s last effort to reunite her children. But it will also confront them with the family’s unsolved past, present forces of attraction, and a very dark secret buried in a most unfortunate place…

Walter Presents launches today (Sunday 3rd January). Watch here



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary says:

    Loving Walter Presents, have already watched 4 episodes of Heartless! Thank you for this new on-demand service 😃


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      We had nothing to do with it Mary, but thanks for posting! What’s Heartless like? A bit saucy?


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