Reports: Sherilyn Fenn WILL return to Twin Peaks

more-twin-peaks-revival-intel-1452574496By all accounts, Showtime’s revival of Twin Peaks has, after a rocky road, been filming for a few months now, but the cast announcements have been kept under wraps so far. Until now – multiple reports suggest that one of the most beloved characters from the original series is returning to the new, David Lynch-directed series, out in 2017.

While it has been confirmed that Kyle MacLachlan’s Agent Dale Cooper will return – let’s face it, Twin Peaks wouldn’t be Twin Peaks without the quirky, reality-hopping agent – we’ve read several reports that Sherilyn Fenn and her character, Audrey Horne, will also return.


Deadline is reporting:

Fenn is believed to be the highest-profile co-star from the ABC series to join him in the revival. (I hear fellow female co-star Lara Flynn Boyle has opted not to come back.) I had previously learned that Miguel Ferrer is reprising his role as FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield from the original series, that Sheryl Lee was photographed on the set as Laura Palmer, David Patrick Kelly is said to be reprising his role as Jerry Horne, and Richard Beymer is rumored to be resurrecting his character of Jerry’s brother and Audrey’s father Ben.

Another report stating that Fenn will return is from I-D, who say that there are other additions to the cast, too:

Amanda Seyfried has been photographed on set, along with Peter Sarsgaard, and Balthazar Getty. Perhaps most importantly, Sherilyn Fenn has confirmed she will reprise her role as Audrey Horne, while Sheryl Lynn Lee will return as Laura Palmer.

Audrey Horne was just one of those characters: detached, playful, who lived in her own little world. She was difficult to pin down, but that was her allure. Add to that her vintage look, and Audrey Horne became a real fan favourite.

We can’t wait to see how she’s aged and how she’s developed as a character.

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