The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 18th – Sunday 24th January)

First_look_at_James_Nesbitt_in_Stan_Lee_s_Sky1_drama_Lucky_ManApologies. I’m in the glorious throes of moving house at the moment so this past week has been a bit quiet on the blog front. Normal service will be resumed this coming week. It’s still busy out there in crime drama land, with brand new episodes of series every single night of the week, and this insane amount is joined by Sky1’s Lucky Man this week – a series from the mind of comic book genius Stan Lee and starring James Nesbitt.

    James Nesbitt, with Sienna Guillory in this new series from the mind of Stan Lee. London cop Harry Clayton is a compulsive gambler in danger of losing the thing he values the most – his family. On the night when his huge debts are called in and he is at rock bottom, he meets the enigmatic Eve, who gives him a mysterious bracelet said to endow the wearer with immense luck. Harry’s fortunes suddenly begin to shift, but he also soon finds himself sucked into a sinister crime wave sweeping through the city.
    Friday 22nd January, 9pm, Sky1

An ex-convict is found murdered in his home and suspicion immediately lands on a recently released child killer. Nikki and the Lyell team are introduced to forensic psychologist Sasha Blackburn, who works closely with those released from prison on licence, as both the victim and one of the suspects are clients of hers. The investigators soon learn that it is not just the minds of these young men that are fragile, but their freedom is too.
Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th January, 9pm, BBC1

It’s the series finale and the detective is approached by a former mentor from his college days, who asks Morse to ensure the safety of his wife. However, the assignment leaves him contemplating his future with the police force. Meanwhile, a murder in the world of fashion stirs up old gangland conflicts in the city.
Sunday 24th January, 8pm, ITV

Perez quickly establishes that Robbie’s body was retrieved from inside a shipping container. As such a thing can only be locked externally, the team now seeks a murderer – with Michael Maguire the prime suspect. A search of the ferry reveals that someone forced entry into the deck where the container was parked. Craig is implicated when Robbie’s recovered phone reveals several missed calls from him, but Maguire remains heavily in the frame after the team discovers he recently made a sizable cash withdrawal and is about to flee Shetland.
Friday 22nd January, 9pm, Sky1

Eklund and Conley are on the hunt for a missing suspect, who leaves them with a chilling warning. Crime drama, in which a New York detective teams up with a Swedish cop to investigate a series of murders.
Wednesday 20th January, 10pm, Sky Atlantic

6. The Young Montalbano *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Salvo and Livia have decided to spend some time apart, leaving the inspector gloomy and confused. When 60 security boxes are stolen from a small local bank, Montalbano must seek advice from Stella Parenti, the alluring manager of a rival firm whose romantic advances may dispel his melancholy mood. However, the troubled sleuth’s personal dilemmas resurface when he is called to investigate the death of a retired doctor found murdered in his own home.
Saturday 23rd January, 9pm, BBC4

7. Death In Paradise *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
A fashion show takes a chilling turn when young model Zoe Mackay is strangled just moments after leaving the catwalk, and while the crew and other models come under suspicion, they all have watertight alibis. To make matters worse, there are no witnesses or DNA evidence, the only clue being a single stocking clasped in the victim’s hand. What does it mean – and how was her killer able to strike without being spotted? Meanwhile, Florence tries to help Humphrey improve his social skills with the opposite sex, and JP recognises one of the models as a school crush on at school. But will she remember him?
Thursday 21st January, 9pm, BBC1

After having been reinstated to the GCPD in dubious circumstances, Jim Gordon’s first case is to investigate the mass breakout from Arkham Asylum. Meanwhile, the psychopaths who escaped have already teamed up under the control of siblings Theo and Tabitha Galavan, who announce the name of their new gang to the city by spelling out `the Maniax’ in dead bodies on the ground.
Monday 18th January, 10pm, Channel 5

9. Murdered By My Boyfriend
Another chance to see this outstanding one-off, award-winning drama about a teenage girl’s romance with an older man who, although handsome and initially charming, soon begins to dominate every aspect of her life as his jealous and possessive nature gets out of control. Starring Georgina Campbell and Royce Pierreson.
Wednesday 20th January, 9pm, BBC3

Ruth was a successful investigative journalist until a terrible accident in France. Her physical recovery now takes second place to her desperate need to remember what really happened that night. Only recovering that memory can allay the fears that fill her every thought.
Friday 22nd January, 2.15pm, BBC Radio 4



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