Elizabeth Moss: Top Of The Lake 2 to film this spring


Top Of The LakeThere’s no doubt about it: Top Of The Lake was one of our favourite dramas (from any genre) from 2013 (before this site existed). Starring Elizabeth Moss it was a sensitive, sneakily brutal portrayal of life in the remote, fictional New Zealand town of Laketop (actually filmed in Glenorchy). Mad Men alumnus Elizabeth Moss took the lead role of Detective Robin Griffin, who was lured back to her home town to investigate the disappearance of a pregnant, 12-year-old girl. It was shocking as much as it was beautiful. There’s good news – we now know when Oscar-winning writer and director Jane Campion will start the cameras rolling on series two…

Deadline is reporting that the show’s star, Elizabeth Moss, has spoken briefly about the filming schedule for the eagerly anticipated series two. “I’ve read three scripts so far and I’m incredibly excited where Jane is taking the story and the character,” Moss was quoted as saying.

She also said that filming starts in March.

Here’s what we know so far: Moss will reprise her role as Detective Robin Griffin, and this time around, she’ll be investigating a case in Harbour City, Hong Kong, with the trade also noting the new series will be “set and shot in Sydney.” So perhaps the Detective will be bouncing between locales? Jane Campion and Gerard Lee are back to write the scripts, and Campion will go behind the camera to co-direct as well, with another helmer to be named later (Garth Davis co-directed the first season).


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