Interview: Birger Larsen, Murder


Birger LarsenBack in 2013, the BBC sneaked out a one-off drama that pretty much rewrote the rulebook when it comes to crime drama. We were confronted with two or three main characters, who spoke directly to camera, almost documentary fashion. The story unfolded thanks to these monologues, which were skilfully edited, until we weren’t entirely sure who committed the murder. It was engrossing, interesting stuff. And now, this week, it’s back for an extended, three-part run with The Killing’s Birger Larsen once again in the director’s chair. We managed to get hold of an interview with him, and it’s after the jump. Continue reading


New clip: Granchester, series two


grantchester_2Yes, the genteel series based on James Runcie’s novels set in bucolic, 1950s Cambridgeshire is back for its second series this week. Once again James Norton (who we see a day earlier in evil mode in Happy Valley) returns as good-natured, crime-solving vicar, Sidney Chambers, and Robson Green’s old-school copper, DI Geordie Keating. Together they form an unlikely duo, but an effective one. There’s a clip after the jump. Continue reading

Review: Thirteen (S1 E1/5), Sunday 28th February, BBC3

Programme Name: Thirteen - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Picture Shows: Ivy Moxam (JODIE COMER) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Sophie Mutevelian

(C) BBC – Photographer: Sophie Mutevelian

Think about it. Thirteen years. It’s a long time. Lots can change and will have changed: new technological trends and advancements, endless songs and news events, new words added to the collective vernacular and, crucially, people and their relationships. Imagine, after over a decade of captivity, walking out into a world you’ve not seen for 13 years, blinking against the harsh light, your lungs almost burning as they inhale real, cool air for the first time in what feels like forever. Everything and nothing has changed. The caged, one-room reality you’ve known for so long is now gone, suddenly replaced by something your subconscious mind knows, but your conscious mind does not. Freedom. What does that concept even mean anymore? You feel your weak leg muscles buckling beneath you as you lurch into the open, a world you half-remember, its rush of sounds, colours and smells making you disoriented. The small one-room world that you knew that was so regulated and controlled? Those boundaries are now gone, replaced by chaos. Beautiful, ever-changing, free chaos. Your eyes twitch as things we all take for granted zoom in and out of view; every split-second filled with an overwhelming barrage of sensual information your synapses struggle to process. But you’re free. Just keep running. Remember, remember. Phone box. Call someone. Remember, remember. This is how Ivy Moxam felt when she stumbled from her own captivity. And it was just the start of her story; an extraordinary story.

NB. Because this is, currently, available online and can be watched at any time, many will not have seen it. If you haven’t seen it, it’s simple: do not read this review. Continue reading

The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 29th February – Sunday 6th March)


grantchester_2Another week, more brand new crime drama. Despite excellent fare like Trapped, Thirteen, Happy Valley, One Child and Shetland still chugging away, we get two new series this week – Robson Green and James Norton vehicle Grantchester is back for a second series, coming direct from bucolic 1950s Cambridgeshire, and Murder, that interesting, to-camera, almost documentary style drama (directed by The Killing’s Birger Larsen) is back for an extended, three-episode run. Continue reading

Review: Trapped (S1 E5&6/10), Saturday 27th February, BBC4

Programme Name: Trapped - TX: 27/02/2016 - Episode: n/a (No. 5) - Picture Shows: (L-R) Andri (ÓLAFUR DARRI ÓLAFFSON), Ásgeir (INGVAR EGGERT SIGURÐSSON), - (C) RVK Studios - Photographer: Lilja Jonsdottir

(C) RVK Studios – Photographer: Lilja Jonsdottir

After last week’s thrilling fourth episode we were left with the awesome, majestic and terrifying sight of a full-blown avalanche – started by Guðmundur – tumbling towards Andri, Guðmundur and his son Sigurður from what seemed like the night sky. Surely not all of them could survive this angry outburst.

NB: If you haven’t seen these episodes yet, do yourself a favour and don’t read beyond this point – there are all kinds of spoilers ahead Continue reading

BBC3’s Thirteen to be shown on BBC2


624Well, this is good news. However forward-thinking and down with the kids transferring a once terrestrial channel over to online is, there’s a danger that genuinely quality projects might get missed by a wider audience. Which is why the BBC has decided to show Marnie Dickens’ incredible kidnap drama, Thirteen, on one of its traditional, terrestrial channels. Continue reading

Season two transmission date for Bosch confirmed by Amazon Prime


boschWe all know that the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime are changing the way we consume our televisual media, and both these main two online on-demand service are producing some good stuff. The latter – Amazon Prime – is now the first-watch home of Ripper Street, and also an original drama, Bosch, which debuted its first series last year and went down a treat. Now the service has announced when series two is hitting our screens. Continue reading