Review: Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (S1 E3/10), Friday 5th February, Sky1


Stan_Lee_s_Lucky_ManTwo episodes into this supernatural crime procedural and Harry Clayton (James Nesbitt) is starting to feel the weight of the bangle, both physically and mentally. Although it gives him untold luck, it also puts him into some tricky situations – his partners die and he’s seemingly a suspect in every murder case because his new lucky intuition puts him at the scene of the crime every single time. If that’s a better life, give me something different. Should’ve gone to Ratners, Harry.

*NB. Key plot points are discussed ahead. There be major spoilers.

The last we saw, double murder suspect Kevin Grey had been taken into custody, confessed to the murders and was assigned Anna Clayton as his defence lawyer (even though we first saw her in this series as a prosecutor). There was the sense that someone was moving pawns into position and beginning to play one against the other, and playing Harry beautifully. We still don’t know who that is just yet. Yet for us, there was the potential for some genuine tension here – an exasperated Harry going up against his brilliant lawyer-cum-prosecutor-cume-whatever, Anna, in an interview room.

But curiously (and disappointingly) the action shifted almost immediately to a completely new strand of the story, which featured some old Jewish jewellers in the Hatton Garden area of London. One was murdered, the other was being severely threatened. Why? Because of some semi-mythical, priceless diamond that a gang had wanted to re-cut and re-distribute.

On the hunt for this diamond and murderous armed robbery gang, Harry was a bit hamstrung. DS Ben Grady’s death had provoked DS Winter to assign DI Orwell as Harry’s new partner and banished grieving Suri back to her home.

It all ended when the slightly hapless Orwell botched a sting and Harry, using the bangle’s luck, saved the day again. He managed to ward off the biker gang, recover the diamond and see unmask one of the armed gang. It was Eve.

Where that left us I’m not sure. It’s preposterous, of course, and I really don’t mind preposterous as long as it’s well made. But this isn’t. I felt they missed a trick by not drawing out the conflict between Harry and his wife, and as Harry zipped from location to location it felt like, however pristine the city looked, a tourist information board promo for London. There was also an issue with those short-sharp zooms and wilfully wonky camera work, which was hip and cool for about three months several years ago, but now feels old-fashioned.

And Eve and the bangle. There was a scene between the two before that final unmasking, where Harry demanded some answers and she revealed that she’s after the same head of the gang because he killed her mother. But if you had a weird Chinese bangle on your hand that gave you unlimited luck but also bestowed upon whoever else was with you terrible luck, you’d like to think he’d push harder for some answers.

It’s pretty obvious Eve is working undercover in the armed gang, but I have no idea where this is going to go next week. Ordinarily that’d be quite an exciting thing, but I’m not so sure when it comes to this.

Paul Hirons

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