The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 8th February – Sunday 14th February)

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 18:00:01 on 08/11/2015 - Programme Name: Happy Valley series 2 - TX: 01/01/2016 - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: **Early Release Image** Catherine (SARAH LANCASHIRE) - (C) Red Productions - Photographer: Ben Blackall

(C) Red Productions – Photographer: Ben Blackall

It’s a bit of a big week for crime drama as Sally Wainwright’s award-winning Happy Valley comes back for a much-anticipated second series, once again starring Sarah Lancashire and James Norton. The six-episode run kicks off on Tuesday night. Elsewhere, there’s new Icelandic drama, Trapped on Saturday night, and a radio adaptation of Ian Rankin’s Rebus to look forward to. It should also be noted that there is no Silent Witness this week because, of all things, Crimewatch is on.

  1. Happy Valley *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
    Here we go then. The return of the crime drama by Sally Wainwright, starring Sarah Lancashire as Police Sergeant Catherine Cawood, picking up 18 months after the events of series one. While out solving a case of sheep rustling, Catherine discovers a decomposed body hidden in a garage on a local estate, and soon finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. Tommy, now serving life in a high-security prison, is given some unexpected news and seeks comfort in a mysterious female visitor, while Detective Sergeant John Wadsworth faces a tough decision when his girlfriend unexpectedly turns up at the house he shares with his wife and children.
    Tuesday 9th February, 9pm, BBC1

Terrible secrets are unearthed in an isolated Icelandic town when the body of an unidentified man is discovered in a fjord. As the hunt for the culprit begins, the town is engulfed by a blizzard, cutting the residents – and potentially the killer – off from the rest of the world.
Saturday 13th February, 9pm, BBC4

3. Rebus – A Question Of Blood *NEW UK PREMIERE RADIO PLAY*
Saturday 13th February, 2.30pm, BBC Radio 4
Rebus – A Question Of Blood is a thriller by Ian Rankin, which is dramatised in two parts by Chris Dolan. When a known criminal dies in a house fire the forensic evidence suggests he was murdered before the fire started. Rebus – the last person to see the victim alive – becomes the main suspect. Meanwhile, a fatal shooting at a private school near Edinburgh unexpectedly leads Rebus to an army helicopter crash on Jura in a case involving diamonds and drug smuggling.

DCI Stanhope and her team, including new recruit DC Hicham Cherradi, travel to a remote country house when the woman looking after it is killed. No sooner have they arrived, than a second body is discovered. Vera discovers the two victims met the night before their deaths, and goes in search of a connection between them. Forensics evidence reveals that one was definitely present when the other died – but when no murder weapon or motive can be found, Vera begins to suspect a third party was involved.
Sunday 14th February, 8pm, ITV

After learning that Robbie Morton and Michael Thompson were father and son, Perez decides to revisit his initial investigation, convinced notorious criminal Arthur McCall lies at the heart of the case. While Tosh remains in Glasgow to search for missing fiscal Brian McDade, back in Shetland the transcript from Michael’s last phone call to Freya is recovered and analysed. Discovering how little she knew about the man she loved, Freya asks Perez to make the Witness Protection team speak to her about Michael. 
Friday 12th February, 9pm, BBC1

6. Murdoch Mysteries *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
The detective investigates the murder of a man found in his living room having been attacked with an axe during his 60th birthday party. His daughter concedes she may be guilty, but claims to have no memory of the crime – and later proves to possess multiple personalities.
Monday 8th February, 9pm, Alibi

7. Midsomer Murders*NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
A Saint’s bones are discovered during an archaeological dig, causing a stir in the village of Midsomer Cicely. However, when the dig’s leader is murdered, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson are presented with a complex investigation as they hunt for the perpetrator. As the duo unearth more evidence, they soon discover that it is not only skeletons that have been long buried in the hallowed ground.
Wednesday 10th February, 8pm, ITV

8. Death In Paradise *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
The Caribbean cops enter the high-pressure world of fine dining when a famous chef is found stabbed to death the morning after the opening of his new restaurant. It proves to be a tricky investigation as the body was stored in a freezer, so the time of death cannot be identified – and when it turns out he was quite a hot-head in the kitchen, all his staff come under suspicion. Away from the case, Dwayne meets his match in the shape of a troublesome schoolboy, Florence has one last lesson in love for the inspector and JP makes a life-changing decision.
Thursday 11th February, 9pm, BBC1

Gordon and Bullock continue their crusade to bring Cobblepot down, unaware he is under the control of the Galavans and has been ordered to arrange a series of arson attacks across Gotham, all on the same night. Cobblepot calls in a number of favours to accomplish it, but soon realises that the entire spree is a cover for something else altogether – a plan that Bruce Wayne might not survive.
Monday 8th February, 10pm, Channel 5

10. Stan Lee’s Lucky Man 8NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
A woman is kidnapped from her office in London’s financial district and Harry and Suri soon discover evidence of a conspiracy that has extraordinary links to the lucky bracelet. Meanwhile, Orwell pays Lily-Anne a visit in the hope of gaining proof of Harry’s relationship with her father, Anna begins to question who paid her to represent Kevin Grey, and Eve senses danger and prepares to flee the city.
Friday 12th February, 9pm, Sky1




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