The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 15th February – Sunday 21st February)


acs_johntravolta_gallery_c_0031_cmyk_f_hires2_-_h_2016_0It’s a big week in crime drama, not only because the likes of quality fare like Happy Valley, Vera, Shetland and Trapped continue, but also because two new intriguing series start this week. The People v O.J. Simpson: An American Crime Story is pure headline, event TV – one of those series with a top-line cast that you just know will be an addictive watch – while, on the flipside, BBC2’s One Child is lower key but equally as intriguing. 

  1. The People v O.J. Simpson: An American Crime Story *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
    Stand by for this lavish 10-part series. In June 1994, LAPD detectives quickly link a double homicide to OJ Simpson, but his celebrity status makes them unsure how to handle matters. Marcia Clark in the district attorney’s office advises a swift arrest, but flamboyant Hollywood lawyer Robert Shapiro gets involved and events start to spiral out of control. Starring Cuba Gooding Jr, John Travolta, Sarah Paulson and David Schwimmer.
    Monday 15th February, 9pm, BBC2

Catherine arrives home with Ilinka, an emaciated Croatian woman who has been rescued after being trafficked and enslaved for four years, and later arrests a lad at a high school who has been caught dealing drugs. Meanwhile John’s panic over Vicky’s threat spills out into his home life.
Tuesday 16th February, 9pm, BBC1

Increasingly poor weather conditions ensure the town remains cut off from the rest of the world, and the local police somehow manage to lose both the victim’s body and their prime suspect. Unable to pursue his favoured line of inquiry, Andri finally receives a new lead when people begin to share photos of the corpse online.
Saturday 20th February, 9pm, BBC4

This intriguing-sounding drama follows an adopted Chinese-born woman, Mei, as she crosses the world to return to China, having been summoned by her birth mother. Her brother, who she has never met or even knew existed, is on death row for a crime he did not commit, and Mei finds herself leading a fight for justice for a family she is only just getting to know.
Wednesday 17th February, 9pm, BBC2

A fisherman’s body is found tangled up in a North Sea trawler’s net. Vera and her team investigate with the help of the local harbourmaster, and find the dead man’s sons pointing the finger at the owner of a fish market, with whom they have a long-running feud. Retracing the dead man’s steps, Vera discovers when he drowned and tracks down a waitress who may have been one of the last people to see him alive. However, the case becomes more complicated when a witness runs away and a boat belonging to the dead man’s sister-in-law goes up in flames.
Sunday 21st February, 8pm, ITV

Barefoot and traumatised, Tosh appears at a Glasgow police station and confides in Perez the shocking truth about what happened to her. Though struggling to deal with the disclosure, Perez resolves to continue the investigation into the murders of Robbie Morton and Michael Thompson by tracking down assault victim Kelly Paterson.
Friday 20th February, 9pm, BBC1

The annual harvest fair and the daredevil riders of the Wall of Death arrive in the Midsomer village of Whitcombe Mallet. But when the owner of an equestrian centre is trampled by his horse, DCI Barnaby and DS Nelson, along with the expertise of forensic pathologist Kam Karimore, must unravel a complex feud from the past. However, nothing is as it seems, and they are in a race against time as they work to solve the case.
Wednesday 17th February, 8pm, ITV

8. Death In Paradise *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
A marine salvage team unearth the legendary Saint Marie silver, but their celebration comes to an abrupt halt when their captain is found dead on the beach with a stab wound to his chest. With the captain’s son Sam, wife Naomi and assistant Addison having watertight alibis, attention turns to rival treasure hunter Newton Farrell. Meanwhile, Dwayne is on best man duty as he organises the ultimate stag party for a terrified JP, and Florence is determined to find out what Humphrey got up to the night before his own wedding.
Thursday 18th February, 9pm, BBC1

9. Murdoch Mysteries *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Murdoch realises the painting of a street scene may depict a crime in progress as it includes a man pointing a rifle. However, though the talented artist who created it has a photographic memory, she is mentally disadvantaged and unable to speak. The sleuth is certain she witnessed a murder, and tries to determine how he can assemble the facts.
Monday 15th February, 9pm, Alibi

10. The True Story Of Martin Guerre
Martin Guerre lived in the south western Pyrenean village of Artigat, in France. After disappearing for eight years he returned to his family, but was later tried for being an imposter. The trial left many questions unanswered. The real-life 16th century case has been the inspiration for storytellers ever since,and this 1992 radio version is dramatised by award winning writer Guy Meredith, from the trial notes of the 16th-century French judge, Jean de Coras. Taking the role of Martin Guerre (or is he) is Sean Bean.
Tuesday 16th February, 10am, BBC Radio 4 Extra


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