The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 22nd – Sunday 28th February)



I may have mentioned this before, but there’s a lot going on at the moment. And, with Line Of Duty and The Tunnel following on sometime in March, the procession of fine crime drama is set to continue until we’re not sure what the outside world looks like anymore. This week there’s a real cracker starting up on, of all places, a channel that has been oft maligned as yoof (although that didn’t stop them making things like Murdered By My Boyfriend) and has been moved online. But if the first episode is anything to go by, Thirteen will be an unforgettable journey. 

    Remember, BBC3 is now an online-only concern, but that really shouldn’t stop you watching this fantastic kidnap drama. After 13 years held captive by her kidnapper, today is the day Ivy Moxam (a really superb Jodie Comer) escapes. Her family have stopped waiting by the phone, stopped flyering, one of them has even given up hope altogether. Suddenly here’s Ivy, flesh and blood, returned to them. But piecing back together the version of family life that existed before is no easy task… Ivy is the only one who knows her kidnapper, who understands him, who can help DI Carne and DS Merchant snare him. Leads run cold and the kidnapper evades capture, the police begin to suspect Ivy is not telling them the whole truth. As she fights to retain her sanity, she begins to hear the whispers that surround her. The doubts beginning to form. The anomalies of her statement. The errors. The outright lies. What happened in that cellar? Where is her kidnapper? Can Ivy really be trusted?
    From Sunday 28th February, BBC3

The avalanche causes a blackout, and the entire town is plunged into darkness. As the anxious inhabitants deal with the increasingly trying circumstances, the mayor receives a surprise visitor.
Saturday 27th February, 9pm, BBC4

Tommy urges Frances to go further with her attempts at making Catherine’s life a misery, and a therapist tries to understand why Catherine attended Tommy Lee Royce’s mothers’ funeral. Meanwhile, John begins to sweat when a new body is discovered.
Tuesday 23rd February, 9pm, BBC1

Mei and Qianyi head to `Little Africa’, an African district in Guangzhou, as they set about finding a witness who is willing to tell the truth and change their statement about the night that Ajun was wrongfully arrested. However, when their search proves futile, Mei is forced to turn to a private investigator and her parents for help. Although she is determined to save her brother, securing the means to win his freedom comes at a cost to her personally.
Wednesday 23rd February, 9pm, BBC2

5. The People v OJ Simpson: An American Crime Story *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Having fled with Al Cowlings in the white Ford Bronco before the police arrived to arrest him for the murders of his wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman, OJ Simpson becomes a hunted man as the district attorney’s office and the LAPD scramble to save face and find him. Meanwhile, the former American football star’s lawyers Robert Shapiro and Robert Kardashian have to deal with the fallout, and call a press conference.
Monday 22nd February, 9pm, BBC2

6. Murdoch Mysteries *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
The detective faces a race against the clock as he tries to stop a secret space programme that could incite war between Canada and America.
Monday 22nd February, 9pm, Alibi

7. Death In Paradise *LAST IN SERIES*
A student backpacker is found dead in the showers of her hostel, and with a gun in her hand and her body slumped against the only door, all evidence points toward suicide. Humphrey isn’t so sure, however, especially when he notices all her toiletries laid out and her towel missing. But when the team question the victim’s boyfriend and her fellow backpackers, they find themselves with very little to go on. Meanwhile, JP prepares for the biggest day of his life as his wedding day approaches, and when Humphrey bumps into an old lady friend, Florence encourages her boss to pursue his quest for love.
Thursday 25th February, 9pm, BBC1

8. A Touch Of Frost
Another chance to see the feature-length first episode of the popular detective drama. Inspector Jack Frost’s investigation into the case of a missing child uncovers a skeleton chained to a locked strongbox that tantalisingly turns out to be empty, but provides evidence of a crime committed 30 years previously.
Monday 22nd February, 10pm, ITV3

9. Stan Lee’s Lucky Man *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Suri places herself in the line of fire as she and Harry investigate when a mutilated body is found in a soon-to-be demolished building, and uncover links to a conspiracy involving some of the most powerful people in London. Meanwhile, Anna uses her new role as a mentor at Whitecross Prison to dig into the fate of Kevin Grey, while Harry makes an interesting discovery when he runs into a former colleague who worked on Eve’s mother’s murder case.
Friday 26th February, 9pm, Sky1

As an army convoy on a military exercise crosses a bridge, an unseen person detonates an IED, destroying the bridge and dropping a state-of-the-art guided missile into the river below. Below the waterline, divers wait and pick up their prize. After identifying those responsible, Pride puts himself on the line by going undercover to find out what they plan to do with their newly acquired weapon.
Friday 26th February, 9pm, Channel 5




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