Kim Bodnia on season four of The Bridge: Everything is possible

Interview med skuespiller Kim Bodnia. -

Last week The Bridge’s much-loved Kim Bodnia caused a stir when he was interviewed on Israeli television – he was in Israel to promote the new series of Hostages – and explained that one of the reasons he left the show was because of the rising anti-Semitism in both Denmark and particularly Sweden (see that post here). However, after watching the original interview, something that wasn’t widely reported was this: Bodnia seems open to returning to The Bridge if a fourth season ever happened.

Our friends over at alerted us to the nugget, which was literally a sentence in a six or seven-minute interview. During it, Bodnia was asked about his decision to leave The Bridge, and why. He said that ‘they’ had changed the script after he had agreed on the character development – Martin going from good to bad and then, he thought, back to good. And this was widely reported, as well as the issue of anti-Semitism in Malmö, which also contributed to his exit.

But… when asked about the possibility of coming back to The Bridge for series four, Bodnia told the interviewer: “Everything is open. If they come and tell me about the script and we work it out, everything’s possible.”

This is potentially great news, of course, but after Saga’s development in series three I wonder how Martin Rohde would fit into the story. But let’s not forget – nothing has been announced about a fourth series yet, although a decision will be forthcoming from Swedish broadcaster SVT in ‘the spring’. English-language Swedish newspaper The Local reported this back in November:

“We are in dialogue with companies and writers about a possible season four. A decision will be made in spring 2016,” said SVT’s director of drama, Christian Wikander.

Meanwhile the show’s Danish scriptwriter Nikolaj Scherfig made similar comments to broadcaster DR.
“There hasn’t been anything decided but we are talking about making a season four,” he said in a post season-finale discussion shown on the network.
You can watch the full interview on the Hebrew-language channel, Walla!, by clicking here.



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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    *thuds to floor in shock!* Following the goings on behind the scenes at ‘The Bridge’ is almost as exciting as watching the series. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. There has to be a fourth series, surely? And having Martin along for the ride would be even better. Please, Viking gods of Nordic noir, please!


  2. LM says:

    I want Martin Rohde back. There is NO Bridge without Kim Bodnia. It is just a little plank across a rivulet.


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