Review: Happy Valley (S2 E3/6), Tuesday 23rd February, BBC1

The last time we saw Catherine Cawood, her world was falling apart. The re-emergence of Tommy Lee Royce and subsequent confrontation at his mother’s funeral made her superiors question her sanity, while her sister Clare’s spectacular fall off the wagon and her son Daniel’s failing marriage means that her home life is also in chaos….

EXCLUSIVE Interview: Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Trapped

By now, any self-respecting crime drama fan will be wrapped up in the superb Icelandic series, Trapped, over on BBC4. It’s filling that fabled Nordic noir, 9pm slot with aplomb and is proving a worthy successor to the likes of The Killing and The Bridge. Trapped is the tale of police chief Andri dealing with a…

DCI Banks adds cast and plot lines for season five

There’s a fifth series of DCI Banks on the way – with three new two-part stories to be told over six episodes on ITV. Based on the novels by Peter Robinson, the doughty, jazz-loving detective will once again be played by Stephen Tompkinson and be joined by Caroline Catz and Andrea Lowe, along with new…

Review: Gotham (S2 E7/22), Monday 22nd February, Channel 5

Theo Galavan’s villainy is finally exposed in this episode – it’s taken a long time, and when it’s been so obvious to the viewer, it’s been a painful period. At last Jim knows the truth as well as Penguin does, and we can get on with a little mayhem.